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CAT overall exam preparation- Daily Schedule



Where to Prepare for CAT

Embrace the online world. All exams will be conducted online. Globalize your knowledge and your preparation mindful, with the online process. The reason we stress upon online platform so much is because all the top companies have their recruitment process online hence, studying online is paramount. 

Now, when you enroll into any platform coaching we recommend to join through laptop or computer and not mobile phone. Consider it like a book. Even do all your mocks, classes and exams online only. It will enable to broaden your focus to screen only when classes are going.

How to prepare for CAT

Collect books and study material till April and get done with it, you may check hardcopy books by Sarvesh Sharma, Arun Sharma or NCERT books- one way of approach.

The latest way is to prepare online. In CATKing, you are given organized modules. Preferably start with LOD 1 & 2 in the dashboard. If you have started now, know that you have 6-7months of time left so the Ball Park Estimate wise, start studying online for minimum 2hrs each day and then increase gradually (2hrs classes, 2hrs self-study).

In July/September/August- study between 4-12hrs as now the toppers come into the race functionally. You are competing with the toppers. Give Mocks, give them while studying.

A good student will take 20mocks minimum, a better one will take 30mocks and a topper will take 60mocks. You also need to analyze them too. Spend atleast 3-4 hours analyzing each mock. Make a routine to take a mock on Saturday and spend Sunday analyzing it. In CATKing you get special classes of analyzing them with CAT previous year toppers.

Preparation section wise

Quantitive Ability- Fall in love with Quants come what may, especially, Arithmetic. It will take time, practice and patience. Being well versed with Quants pacifies your knowledge and preparation. It is helpful anyway as the in job scenario too, the 1st round of interview is going to be aptitude in all companies. To fall in love with Quants, you need to spend time with VPAR for atleast 2weeks followed by Arithmetic as Arithmetic consists 50% of the paper.

Verbal Ability- It is suggested if you are not comfortable with Quants then immediately switch to VARC. Every topper in VARC is well- read so you have to read a lot. Not just this, it accentuates your personality for which your spoken English has to be good. Start with Norman Lewis Word Power Made Easy. After this, read books apart from reading newspapers for atleast 45mins and try to Catch all the vocabulary, then move to Times of India, Hindu etc. You need to do this for month for good grip on it. 

Secret sauce for CAT VARC- Read Aeon Ideas for 1 month. Then move to Aeon Essays for 1 month and then move to Aeon Psyche for another 1 month. 

Choose 1 section

With CATKing, initiate your 40 days challenge i.e. finish your syllabus in 40days, get familiar with topic, clear your basics that you can kill atleast the easy ones. 

Conclusion-  Change is hard in the first, Messy in the middle and Gorgeous in the end. 

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