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Childhood Life History of Lord Sarahunaath and Illumination of God and Writings



We are thinking nobody has his name Sarahu Nagarazan in this world. Because his name is two specializations. There is no name in this world ‘Sarah Nagarajan’. Expect some ladies’ names in India. In abroad we saw ‘Sarahu’ names only. But his name is not like this world. He is the only one man with the name ‘Sarahu Nagarazan’. It is our opinion. Also in his name ‘Nagarazan’ the last letter ‘z’ instead of ‘J’.

Now he is 34 years old. Birth date 01 – 06 – 1988, his father died on 25 – 08 – 2012. Now his family consists of two members his mother and itself. Basically he is from Hullatti, Hanagal – Tq. Haveri District, Karnataka state, India. And his mother tongue is Telugu. He, his mother, his relations and communicates in Telugu in his home and his village. But he studied in kannada medium school in Karnataka. He has studied matriculation. He is not any graduate or post graduate, but people thought him that he might be M.A or other graduate by seeing his writing works. But he received so many awards of Honorary doctorates. Especially Psychology, Physics, Biology and Literatures.He had dropped out from school after his 7th standard, but his mother admitted in hostel forcibly, that’s why he studies till matriculation. His mother’s ambition is to give good education to him but because of his family economic problem, he stopped his education and he went to capital city Bangalore. Before that when he was in 4th and 5th standard his father often beat me because he remain absents from school. At this age he uses to watch TV serials and films in neighboring. On those days there was only 4 or 5 TV’s in that big village. He has to do work in their homes and then they allowed us to watch TV. On those days his imaginations took shape. 

Apart from this he was willing to read further but because of critical conditions of his home and two important aims of novels and making cinemas, had made him to stop his education. He got supernatural power by his birth, but he came to know it in 3rd standard. When he was in 3rd standard he got illumination of writing. And finally in 2000 while he was studying 6th standard he got illumination of World and writing novelss, On August 14, afternoon 3 ‘0’ clock in the class room. 

He hasn’t went for 1 and 2nd standard, directly admitted to class 3rd, his knowledge of writing started from that moment. When he was studying 3rd and 4th standard he use to go to coffee estate in Chickkamagalore district and Madikeri, Kodagu district Karnataka state, India. Due to economic problem his community people use to go coffee estates for work. Nature of that coffee estate was beautiful and peaceful. The talent of writing movies story was improved from here. 

When he was 5th standard he wrote a drama of 3 hour. And when he was completed 7th standard he wrote another drama of 4 hours, and also he acted in both dramas. Which arranged by itself in our street. There was pre-primary school in his village by name “Balwadies”. When he was in Balwadi he learned acting. There was cultural activity programme use to hold often in balwadies. As he was in 6th and 7th standard the skill of acting in itself was matured more. As he admitted to hostel, he performed dramas with hostel – mates, also wrote and directed dramas and plays in hostel as well as school. He has the experience of writing and performing dramas right from pre – primary school up to 8th standard. At the age of 5 – 6 he had prepared statue of Ganesh by mud, also made some puppets and statues by using mud. He loves to make Ganesha using mud.  

Usually he is free minded person that he wouldn’t attend class daily, he used to roam with his friends in forest. When he was 4th and 5th Once HM and teachers came to his home and took him to school, he scared them by showing knife and made them go back. Once early morning some friends came and tied him through rope and took to school. He admitted to Loyola private hostel, he used to Government school only. He completed 6 and 7th in his home town. After that he shifted to karwar district Mundagod“Loyola Private school” and hostel to complete his high school, completing 8th, he couldn’t adjust to the environment of that school, so again came back to home town, finished his 9th and 10th in Bychavalli which is 6 km far from his home.

When he was studying in primary and high school stage he draw the pictures of gods and natures seen and others pictures and also he make statues and puppets by using clay. He was perfect in art also from 5th class onwards. He was much interested in sports in elementary level he participated in 100 meter running and relay and always he came first. In this period he started the writing the novels, stories and film scripts.

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