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Do you wish for clarity on your path to success?

Clarity4Success is a startup based in Tinsukia, Assam which provides quality guidance to students in Accountancy and Economics. We focus on explaining concepts to students using a practical approach instead of promoting theoretical or ‘rote-learning’. Previous year statistics have proven that, maximum of our students secured an aggregate of 90% and above in Accountancy. 

Apart from the regular classes, our company also launches crash courses from time-to-time, which are designed to help students crack their exams with last-minute preparation, without compromising with the quality of content.  Along with helping students with the course curriculum, our company also organises workshops on stock market, personality development, holds frequent debates on burning topics, and a lot of other activities in order to ensure all-round development of our students. 

We try to follow a unique and interesting pattern of teaching, which keeps our students engaged and ensures greater focus and involvement on their part. Organising educational game days, outdoor studies, one-on-one guidance whenever required, frequent breaks through fun sessions are some of the ways we keep the environment of our class fun, engaging and productive.

One of our most prominent initiatives is a game on Stock Market analysis, which has been a big hit. Through this game, our students have learnt about the world of investments from beginner to intermediate level. The activity has been designed in a manner which teaches our students skills like portfolio management, identification of favourable business, analysis of financial statements, products, networking, communication, sales, and a lot more. These skills are emerging as essentials in the world of commerce today. 

Activities like these develop skills among students to actually apply their theoretical knowledge in the practical world, and at the same time enable them to take rational decisions in environment of chaos. 

Our founder and educator, Mohnish Patwari is a graduate from Narsee Monjee College of Commerce and Economics who left his very lucrative Investment Banking job in Mumbai to pursue his passion of teaching. After many ups and downs he finally started this company in the year 2020, and since then we’ve grown to a huge extent. He is a very ambitious person with exceptional entrepreneurship qualities. An avid reader, he keeps on trying to improve himself and the company through the lessons learnt from the books he reads. His primary motivation behind starting this organisation was his brother and mentor, Rajnish Patwari, the founder of Steelo Brite, who inspired him to follow his passion regardless of the situation. 

The main objective of Clarity4Success is to change the way teaching is done. Teaching should not be limited to explanations, tests and marks. It should actually give a platform to the students to learn about the practical world out there, to try new things, to grow and to develop themselves. We at Clarity4Success have a medium-term goal to develop a systematic and process-based structure which motivates our students to actually do it, and hence become exceptional performers in whatever field they choose. 

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