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Squid Game S2 date: Summer 2023, a highly-anticipated blockbuster.



It seems likely that Netflix will commit to a 2024 release date; it is challenging to see fresh episodes arriving much sooner. They’ll also want to premiere this program apart from most of their other A-list successes to attract more attention during a relatively quiet time of the year. We might envision them launching in the summer or the fall of that particular year. Remember that we recently stated that it’s reasonable to consider this a summer blockbuster and that watching television in the summer is no longer the awful idea it once was.

Netflix should, of course, want to sell season 2 aggressively, but they must not lose sight of the moral of the narrative in the process. We don’t want this show to start making fun of itself. It will be challenging to wait for Squid Game season 2 to start streaming on Netflix. Now would be an excellent time to make that obvious. There is no way around it, and while we go from point A to point B, we must exercise some patience.

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