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Deepika Dwivedi steps into the world of production as she is set to release her first song, “Jabse Mile Tum” on November 4th, 2022.



The struggle to achieve something in life is a task assigned to every human being. Slowly progressing towards a better future solely depending on the present, we learn everything, and go through different types of situations, while aiming for something we have always dreamed of. The path to the same is never easy, however, we keep going on. Establishing a name for yourself in an entertainment industry that already overflows with the presence of huge talents arriving and departing every day, is indeed the most difficult part. Opportunities never come twice in such a place. With a strong determination and the ability to be recognized for the fabulous skills you have, you are rewarded accordingly. After a long time of constant hard work, you get close to the success you have always dreamed of.

Such is the story of Deepika Dwivedi, an amazing and talented person who is soon stepping into the world of production with the release of her first song named “Jabse Mile Tum” on 4th November 2022. With the release of this song, she officially steps into the film industry. A song shot in the most wholesome and beautiful sites of Goa, it is indeed a pleasure for everyone. For the song, she is working with a very reputed Bollywood Music Director, Sugat Dhanvijay. She is also associated with Ek Rupaiya Productions and Raag Audio. She also plans to release three more songs and web series soon.

The journey to where she stands right now was never easy. Deepika comes from a small village in Banda, Uttar Pradesh. She also worked in Logistics Industry for 4 years before she was associated with Ek Rupaiya Productions and Raag Audio. Working hard to be the best has always motivated her despite being exposed to all the struggles she has faced for years. As of now, her determination, talent, and knowledge have given her the power to stand up for herself and do all sorts of things possible to achieve everything she has ever dreamed of. When she entered the industry, she was exposed to both negative and positive aspects of society. However, her determination has always inspired me to work hard. She also met some very influential people who made her feel welcome in the industry, guiding and helping her whenever needed.

She is an inspiration for many people out there. A perfect example of bringing change through hard work, Deepika Dwivedi is a very deserving and talented persona. Her aura and the confidence to go through every problem have helped her to stay determined.

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