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India witnesses the opening of the biggest anime store- Akairo. Akairo is a one stop shop for all anime lovers with a variety of clothing and accessories. Made with 100% combed cotton, all apparels have a great fitting and are made of supreme quality. Not just that, all Akairo products come in the most appealing designs.From Bakuyo to Kurama, they have all your favourite anime characters covered and that too, at affordable prices! Akairo products are a great blend of anime and street style fashion that reflect today’s youth perfectly. Moreover, the merch is shipped all over India with an easy 7-day return policy. With an aim to grow the anime culture in the country, this enterprise has already garnered a lot of social media attention with 2500+ followers on twitter in less than 2 months.

Akairo does not just rule the fashion domain, but also plays a major catalyst in laying the foundation for the anime culture in India. Through its wide range of products, the brand shall build a connection amongst fans and give rise to a close-knit community across the country that strongly engages in anime content. This refreshing venture is backed by their Parent Project- The Sugoi Shinobis (TSS). Soon to be launched on the Solana blockchain, the Sugoi Shinobis is a Non-Fungible Token brand with an objective to offer exclusive utilities to their shareholders while bridging the gap between web3 and web2 through anime. In addition to this, their ambition is to publish their own action/suspense manga and create an anime show based on TSS for all anime fans in India and across the world. The inspiration for such a unique concept stemmed two years back.

During the lockdown, the anime viewership grew rapidly across India.This engagement inspired the idea of ‘Akairo’. Mr. Saini, the Co- Founder & CEO of the company said, “Akairo was solely established to offer an exclusive experience of the anime and manga world in real life- created by a fan for the fans to serve the fandom!” Akairo’s mission is to deliver high quality, trendy and desired anime merch to all anime and manga fanatics.Their goal is to come up with an exciting anime-inspired wardrobe to connect with fans across the country and to boost the fandom’s spirit. On asking if Akairo had any messages for the anime fans, Mr. Saini said, “We are here to up your anime-inspired collection! See you there!” Join the gang and own the coolest anime apparels. Visit the Akairo website today! –

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