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DJ RawQueen: From Cabin Crew to PR Manager to DJ



Mukta, or DJ Rawqueen as is widely known in the music and DJ industry today. She has been active in this industry for the last two years, and over time she has built a fanbase and showers an immense amount of love and support for her. She didn’t plan to make this her career, but over time she explored and discovered where her interest lay and what she did best— DJ was her thing.

Before becoming a DJ, she worked as a cabin crew in Qatar Airways, one of the world’s leading airlines. While working with airlines, she visited various countries and continents and was introduced to new things every time. Getting to explore new cultures and new people became a routine for her, and while doing so, she interacted with people and got to taste their culture. In doing so, she discovered that wherever she was or whatever she was doing, the music of various regions fascinated her, and she was inclined towards music. This helped her to have good taste in music and find her way with the rhythms and tunes. 

After her discovery that she had refined taste in music, following the realization, she left her job at Qatar Airways and after that, joined Mika Singh as her Public Relations Manager. As his PR Manager, her music taste and the discovery about her that she had just made got acquainted with the Bollywood Music Industry, which therefore was a boon for her career. She made connections, and as she was working as a PR Manager, her passion for music and her taste didn’t fade but grew gradually. Meeting new people helped her boost her confidence, and she proved her art. 

But it was not until 2019 that she entered as a DJ in the music industry— DJ Rawqueen. Her journey of making a debut in this industry is quite interesting. Once her inspiration, DJ Rawking, one of the most famous and popular DJs and music producers in India, is now her husband. DJ Rawking and DJ Rawqueen tied the knot, which is how Mukta’s inspiration turned into her husband. She says, “When I married DJ Rawking, I got introduced to the actual world of music; it was professional exposure to the music world. Post-marriage, she explored her talent. She says, “I never knew I could go so well with ‘the musical side’ of mine.”

Since her debut in this industry, she has launched her songs and music and has toured India in less than two years. When asked about her most extensive learning, she said, “Having worked with Mika Singh, I learnt a lot of things. He indeed taught me a lot of things but one thing I remember profoundly is he taught me how to grow as an artist, to which the only key is to stay consistent and dedicated towards your goal.”

DJ Rawqueen aims to be India’s number One Female DJ and work with various artists and singers across the globe. She is on her way to releasing her new Hindi pop song titled ‘Teekhi-Teekhi’ and her first music album, ‘Toxic’ on all online streaming applications and platforms. 

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