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Doctors Cricket League: Mighty Sports Initiative for the front line heroes



We’ve seen how diligent and heroic doctors are throughout the years, and how they never seem to take a break for themselves. They, too, require some type of rejuvenating physical exercise, which is why the Doctors Cricket League, also known as DCL among doctors, has seen doctors from various places and hospitals play on a platform that is well-liked by the majority. The first season had more than 100 Doctors. Under the banners Doctors  Cricket League and National Doctors Cricket League, Mighty Sports has successfully staged over 600 matches and 12 leagues for doctors from Hyderabad and throughout India. In this post, Nikhil Sampath shares us more about DCL.

We have seen how diligent and heroic doctors are throughout the years and how they never seem to take any break for themselves. As they too need some type of reviving physical exercise, Doctors Cricket League, also known as DCL among doctors has shaped up. DCL brought forward many doctors from various places and hospitals to play on a unified platform and is well-liked by the majority. The first season has seen more than 100 Doctors. Under the banners – Doctors Cricket League and National Doctors Cricket League, Mighty Sports has successfully staged over 600 matches and 12 leagues for Doctors from Hyderabad and other parts of India as well. In this post, Mr. Nikhil Sampath answers us more about DCL.

Q1. What is your motivation?

Answer: Currently, few people are aware of Mighty Sports and it activities. When the Doctors Cricket League first started nine years ago, We, Mighty Sports encouraged sports particularly for the medical community.

Given the demanding lifestyle doctors lead, we were the first sports management business to organise a league just for Doctors in India.

Q2. How many people are there on your team, and a brief note about how your company works?

Answer: Two people primarily serve as Mighty Sports leaders. Nanda Pandey and Nikhil Sampath each have a fair share of tasks to complete.

Nanda Pandey, our company’s founder is well-known in the medical and healthcare fields and has more than 20 years of experience in that domain. She has not only been instrumental in bringing the doctors together to form the league, but she also serves as the organization’s leader.She also works as a social activist and health care advisor for some of the most prestigious institutions.

Nikhil Sampath, co-founder and CEO of Mighty Sports, is not only the person who came up with the idea for the company but also the one who has remained steadfast and enthused about taking the competition to a higher level. He has led well-known businesses on a national scale and has experience in management and marketing.

Achievements: Today, Mighty Sports is the leader in the sports market for conducting Doctor specific leagues. We are happy to say that at present, The Doctors Cricket League is gaining a lot of attention and popularity in the market for being one of its kinds. With the insights and counsel from legendary cricketer Md. Azharuddin, Mighty Sports launched its first season of the National Doctors Cricket League in the year 2017, in which around 100 Doctors from different parts of India participated. Over the course of ten years, Mighty Sports has hosted over 800 league matches for state and national Doctors.

In September 2020, Mighty Sports was recognised as the best sports management company in India across a number of categories for organising sporting events for the business community. 

Q4. What were the struggles that you faced?

Answer: As we all are aware that Doctors have hectic schedules, bringing all the Doctors from varied backgrounds into a platform to play was the major struggle we faced. Initially it was challenging to persuade them to come and play the game, as most of them had given up sports long back because of their demanding jobs. 

 Q5. How long have you been in this field?

Answer: We have approximately 10 years of experience in the field, and we recently celebrated our company’s tenth anniversary.

Q6. What are your achievements?

Answer: In the diversified area, Mighty Sports has been awarded as the finest sports management business in India for producing sporting events for the professional community in September 2020. 

Q7. What are your future plans?

Answer: In the years to come, we plan to conduct leagues in all the Main cities of India. With the help of our sponsors & the Doctors, we are promoting healthy lifestyle for Doctors. Likewise, we are looking forward to organise, create and grow a network of respected professionals to involve them in the sports they enjoy. 

In the years to come, Mighty Sports will work diligently to offer the greatest possible service and experience in sports field. Our goal is to bring experts from many fields together into one platform.

Q8. Is there anything special that has to be mentioned?

Answer: Answer: After the five successful seasons of National Doctors’ Cricket League’s, Mighty Sports is excited to organize another top league in the state of GOA.

From November 16–20, 2022, the sixth iteration of the NDCL will take place, including more than 270 doctors from nine different states competing in the renowned league. The sixth season of the NDCL will include 20 teams in the league. This league will include representative teams from Goa, Delhi, Punjab, Telangana, Karnataka, Kerala, Tamil Nadu, Andhra Pradesh as well as Pondicherry. The league will be contested using the T20 format with league-wide knockout competition. 

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