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Ravi Sharma,

Film Writer Director and Editor

In between the sea of entertainment content in Bollywood, we are missing that old heights of our bollywood. There is no lack of talent, skills and passion in India but without the right path, it’s all have no existence.

At other side, some creators are trying to enter and establish in film industry on their own way. With the lots of struggle in their way, they are continuously following their passion, their vision towards bringing good content and One Name also be included in this list, which is A Film a Writer, Director and Producer named Ravi Sharma, who is basically from Rajasthan but since 2013 he becomes Indori.

He starts his journey with some small content as practice of his own vision in Film Industry. He had written some content to make but now currently he is making his own way and it is not for him also it will be for some people working with him since 2-3 years in industry.

Recently he has completed his 2 Web series, 1 film for theater, doesn’t matter it’s all with a small budget but according to him these are only few step of his way in the journey for success in Bollywood with his passion, his vision.

Currently he is working on a big project of Indian Cinema on his own concept and it is about “MAHAKAAL”, steps has been taken towards this wonderful project and it will be a remarkable entertainment content for audience, for bollywood and for himself. It’s his dream project which is going on floor very soon with some big faces, big artist from Indian Cinema.

Ravi Sharma, starts his bollywood career as writer but due to unfair treatment with his creation by some producer, directors he decided to direct his projects by himself and recently he completed some of them, which are very shortly available to see at OTTs and in theater too.

The journey from a small village of Rajasthan to Bollywood was very tough for him but he never lose hope and his vision and as results of his hardwork, his passion, now he is coming with a wonderful project about Mahakaal with the blessings of Mahakaal.

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