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“Experience stunning photography in Kolkata with Dotstory – hourly rates available!”



The new generation’s youth have the potential to bring a revolution to the world, and that’s what the 21-year-old entrepreneur, Harsh Dugar, is here for with his thriving venture, Dotstory.

Hailing from Kolkata, he founded Dotstory in 2022 and has seen exponential growth in his business since then. But before going forward, let’s ask you something- how difficult is it for someone to book a photographer? It’s too annoying, right? From spending days finding a photographer to not getting any affordable one, we need a better solution.

And that’s what Dotstory is here for!
Dotstory is India’s first on-demand photography platform that allows customers to book photographers for any shoots or events online at a very affordable price.

This all means that people don’t have to go through calling a hundred photographers and being turned down by all of them; don’t have to ask for references for a good photographer; instead, smartly book one online in seconds!

The entire process goes something like this: the customer books the photographer through Dotstory’s website or app and gets the confirmation; the photographer is then present on the mentioned date and venue and captures the moments; the customer pays the amount after the service is completed, and pictures are sent to them 24 hours prior to the service’s completion.

Dotstory just simplifies this art of photographing for both the photographers and customers!

It has been receiving pools of bookings and many happy responses from the customers!
Harsh Dugar observed that the Indian photography industry is extremely scattered, with many unfilled loops.
Every photographer struggles daily to find the expected number of clients and still is not hired, inspite of having excellent practical skills.

Further, even if hired, the clients refrain from respecting their time, make them overwork, and pay them a lot less than what they deserve.
On the other hand, the customers are living a different, more tiresome story, wherein they are unable to find affordable photographers, are rejected constantly, and are not satisfied with the quality of the service and the pictures.

Thus, there has always been this need to link photographers and customers together, as they are both interdependent on each other, and Dotstory acts as this link and forms such new connections.

Dotstory is here to present an easy booking system with affordable photographers and hourly services, namely, Dotstory Moments and Dotstory Occasions, for various small or huge events so it can range anything from a birthday party shoot to engagement shoots, in Kolkata.

Dotstory is built in such a way that it provides an on-demand photography service and also covers daily or event-based photographers for B2C clients.

Thus, Dotstory’s demand-supply algorithm, affordable prices, adept photographers, and remarkable service quality are what makes it stand unique in the market out there.
Dotstory is indirectly here to rebuild the society by helping the photographers fuel their careers and push their skills out into the world and at the same time offer affordable services to the customers.

Dotstory’s goal isn’t to give one more photographer to the world but to make amends in the photography industry and ensure that the simple luxury of capturing moments is available to all.

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