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Dr. Amarshan Donates 5 Lakh for Kerala Speaker’s Medical Aid



Thalassery: Sujith, a local of Kodiyeri in the Kutimakul region, has been admitted to the Thalassery Malabar Cancer Center in need of a bone marrow transplant immediately. Under the leadership of the Amarshan Foundation, Managing Trustee Dr.Amarshan presented a cheque for 5 lakh rupees to the Speaker of the Kerala Legislative Assembly, Adv.A.N.Shamseer for emergency surgery. Dr..Amarshan is a humanitarian who is dedicated to serving the poor and helpless. Dr.Amarshan helped many economically disadvantaged children with their education.He is forging a new path in humanity’s service. Dr.Amarshan found it difficult to witness the human race’s vicious cycle of poverty, starvation, and social trauma. The sight of human suffering breaks his heart.

Dr. Amarshan committed his entire life to serving the needs of the voiceless and vulnerable. Patients who had lost hope in life due to a lack of access to medical care are now encouraged and hopeful thanks to Dr. Amarshan’s prompt intervention.

Dr. Amarshan offered a variety of humanitarian services, as seen by the instances below: Around 18 crore rupees were raised in the lead effort by Dr. Amarshan for an infant’s SMA therapy (Spinal Muscular Atrophy). Economically disadvantaged girls’ marriages were arranged by giving them gowns, jewellery, and other items. installed drinking water systems for the Malabar Cancer Center’s patients. Numerous individuals who required dialysis received assistance. The children of those who chose to continue their education were given a variety of educational support.

Amarshan foundation and teams, as well as political, community, and cultural film leaders, are forging new paths of service for the needy, defenceless, and impoverished in our community, bringing with them a new array of light and hope.

Dr. Amarshan believes that there is no caste, creed, or religious distinction between people. He is a guy whose actions are guided by humanitarian principles. After collecting and paying 35 lakh rupees, an innocent expatriate was freed from prison and allowed to return to his original country. Dreaming of opening a new dialysis facility to serve needy patients and working toward that objective.

There are many people who lack families as well as homes of their own . Building new home for the displaced people is also their goal.

Dr.Amarshan is the last hope for deserving patients and struggling families.

Participants:Dr. Amarshan (Managing Trustee), Habida (Join Managing Trustee),Shanavas(Vice chairman), Noushad(treasurer), shibu abdul khadher (conveenar), Abdul rahman(vise chirman)and Yousuf Kandoth,shahid mattannur , ashraf irikoor 

Blessings & prayers for all the people who are involved in the humanitarian service  , light in darkness, food for the hungry , hope for the hopeless .



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