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Dr. Lovekush Singh: Trusted Ayurveda Specialist



Dr. Lovekush Singh aims to promoting and keeping alive the science of Ayurveda in human
beings through holistic treatment and best Ayurveda medicines to keep human life healthy.
He has done his graduation in Ayurveda Science specialization from “Gujarat Ayurveda
University”, a world-renowned and Asia’s first Ayurveda University. After his graduation, he
did his post-graduation in MBA (Hospital and Health Management) and post-graduate
diploma clinical research and trials, Pharmaceutical Management.
Dr. Lovekush Singh is a certified expert by WHO and Harvard Medical University on many
issues like Emerging Respiratory Viruses including COVID-19, Infection Prevention and
Control Core, Components and Multimodal Strategies, Fellowship in Basic Microbiology,
COVID-19 Mass Gathering Risk Assessment, Methods of Detection, Prevention, Response
and Control of COVID-19, etc. has expertise in clinical management and treatment of
patients with co-morbidities in targeted approach to chronic and critically ill patient diseases.
He is also an Accredited Medical Cannabis Practitioner, certified from TAOMC Newman
London & has done residency and fellowship in Genetics disorders & respiratory diseases
from Harvard medical School, Harvard University. Apart from these Accomplishments, he is
also member of Vishwa Ayurved Parishad India, California Association of Ayurveda
Medicine (CAAM), Ayurveda Practitioners Association of Singapore, Association of
Ayurveda professionals of North America (AAPNA).
A very passionate career oriented personality, were posted in All India Institute of Ayurveda,
an autonomous body under the Ministry of AYUSH, Govt. of India, New Delhi, where he
remained there until March 2019. Through his vast experience and strategic acumen, he
was earning good fame so that he could utilize that massive experience in his own
organization hence he proceed ahead with the goal of providing business and services all
over India. To consult with Dr Lovekush Singh, you can log on to his own official website
Dr. Lovekush Singh is an enthusiastic is 30 years old, the Founder Chairman and CEO of
Anupam Group India. Anupam Group India (Corporate Business Administration and
Management) is a Delhi based company formed by him, which is currently having five
subsidiaries divisions and working in the field of Health, Ayurveda Science and Information
technology Sector. He started an Ayurveda healthcare company as a subsidiary of AGI itself,
combining strategic leadership and family traditions with great branding, easy-to-use
Ayurveda products and online retail channels. The company also provides Ayurveda doctor’s
consultation to all the clients / patients / customers. In the last three-four years, Dr. Singh,
with his prudence, ethical acumen and the guidance of his academic / career / professional
mentor {Prof. Dr. P. K. Prajapati sir (Honorable Vice Chancellor- Dr. Sarvepalli
Radhakrishnan Rajasthan Ayurved University Jodhpur Rajasthan}, introduced many new
products in the market, which also proved to be very beneficial for the customers.
Anupam Holistic Health Care is a unit started by him in Delhi where 40 to 50 patients come
daily including not only Delhi and outside states but also patients from abroad are in

constant touch with Dr. Lovekush and making their life healthy and happy by getting rid of
many chronic and serious diseases only by holistic treatment with Ayurvedic medicines at
Anupam Holistic Health Care, which is helping this unit to gain global reputation and fame.
The facilities of online medical consultation provided by AHHC across the country from
almost 1 year before the period of Corona Pandemic continues even today. He launched
several most innovative products under APPL through social media and ground marketing
such as Kstone forte Tablet, ThyroAid Tablet, Diabtus-DS Tablet and MeninstaCare Forte
Capsule being the best selling products. There are also research based Ayurveda
efficacious products such as Repro-F Tablet, Anupam Sperma Gold Tablet, MeninstaCare
Forte capsule, Ancough Syrup, Anasth-M Avaleha & Tablet, Pure-B100 Syrup & Tablet,
Diabtus-DS tablet, Pilaid Forte Tablet, ThyroAid Tablet, Kstone Forte Tablet, Scenic Face
Cream etc are available at Amazon, flipkart online retail channels, company’s official
website. Other subsidiaries are Anupam Pharmaceutical, Anupam Cosmo Kalpa, Anupam
Infotech, Anup Pharmaceutical listed under AGI.
We got to know that daily visitors on his own official website i.e not
only from India, but also from United States of America, United Kingdom, Russian
Federation, Ireland, France, Canada, China, Egypt, Germany, Philippines, Uzbekistan,
Uganda, Nepal, Singapore, Lebanon, Turkey, Qatar, Spain, Italy etc. the log on to the
website of all visitors is more than 1 lakh in a year (Data Courtesy: Visitor Analytics
Official website Anupam Holistic Health Care:

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