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Eklavya Sakpal, a multi-hyphenate mystical. 



Mumbai based filmmaker Eklavya Sakpal is also a renowned Mythologist and a psychic with a crown full of feathers. From being a musician to a writer and from being a sculptor to an artist, he is clearly a multi-hyphenate who is a proponent of spirituality. His original style of work had always been a reference for others to follow. More than this, his every work has a power to trigger human mind and make them see things the way they never saw it before. Eklavya has a unique ability to make an ancient vedic science relevant to contemporary minds acting as a bridge to the deeper understandings of life.

In the year 2020, Maharashtracha Maan held in Pune, honoured Eklavya Sakpal with an award for his exceptional and distinguished services.

One year prior to receiving this Award, A web series directed by Eklavya Sakpal ‘Anjaan: The rural myths’ on Netflix won the Best Horror Streaming Series at the Golden Trailer Award but the fame and stardom was already around Eklavya even much before his work started getting recognised.

In the year 2015, Eklavya Sakpal wrote one article on Menstruation which cleared all the myths behind the prohibition of a women from entering into the temples during their periods. Eklavya posted this article on Facebook which was loved by many and soon this article went viral. From there people started following him for his profound knowledge about the mystical world.

Eklavya Sakpal was already one of the most youngest Filmmaker with an intense knowledge of Film making by that time but then all his articles on Facebook made him all the more popular and truly a public figure known for being a perfect blend of profundity and pragmatism.

With his every article on Facebook there is a Picture of an Art work made by him which is related to the same topic of that article. Those mesmerising Art works by Eklavya Sakpal have its own separate fan base.

From working as a Film maker to spreading wisdom through his articles as a Mythologist, Eklavya Sakpal is simply touching the heart and soul of every individual by his work. Being having so much of glamour around him, he still prefers to live his life spiritually in the most simplest way.

These days Eklavya is creating magic with his voice and music skills as a singer, lyricist, composer and a music director. His recent creation “Shiv Ki Dhun” had already crossed more than one lakh views on youtube and now he is all set to release his second original creation which is a Rajasthani folk song “Shiv Ki Lagan”.

It has been his style of work to release one sacred sound before the release of his orginal creation. This style of pattern can be seen with his first release “108 Times Om Namah Shivaya”  followed by his orginal creation “Shiv Ki Dhun” and now recently a Youtube channel “Jupiter Hub” released another sacred sound by Eklavya Sakpal which is “Shiva Vedic Mantra” 

So it is for sure that we can expect his next original creation “Shiv Ki Lagan” to get released soon on their Youtube Channel & label “Jupiter Hub”.

When asked about his future plans, Eklavya Sakpal said he is working on “Shiv Ki Lagan” which is an Indian Folk Song dedicated to Mahadev, having an essence of devotion from the soil of Rajasthan. After this song gets released, he will soon start working on a unique mythological television show followed by a Horror Feature Film, but his love for music is eternal and he will be creating more soulful songs as part of his life with everything else that he plans do in near future. 

Here is the link to that facebook article which created a staircase towards success for Eklavya Sakpal.
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