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Prajakta Gaware, an interior designer by Profession Passed out in 2006,did diploma, degree,& Masters in Interior designing from a renowned college started her interior designing firm Elegance Design Studio in 2014,after doing her internship to till gaining some considerate amount of experience she firmly believed not to experiment business so understanding & clearing grass root level experience is an fundamental aspect in Interior Designing and Architecture. She believes that interiors need a definite balance between requirements & optimum decoration. Not one to overdo her sites, she nevertheless lays great emphasis on using a variety of materials that must use different textures & effects. Prajakta who grew in Maharashtra  studied in Nashik, Pune love to sketch, Paint, cook, travel and is vegan and a fitness junkie.

Elegance design studio Motto is work on sustainable material with theme based interiors only. A deliberate sweep of native grasses dotted occasionally with natural boulders & splashes of color, a combination of vibrant hues, warm bricktones,serene settings are main themes of her Interiors style. We should observe the natural rhythms & Patterns & learn from them. Also she strongly believes a years of experience the Architecture or a Designer puts definitely brings a great thing on table. Travelling & a good education plays a very important role in educating the eye & in developing a rich design vocabulary. This makes for a creative informed & conscientious architect & an interior designer .With a vision to propagate difference in Interior Designing, Prajakta Gaware, the founder of Elegance Design Studio, Pune have seen the firm grow from 2014 to one of the emerging firm in Pune.Driven by passion, integrity, commitment & creativity it is amazing when client trusts your sense of design & Style. Every designer goes through a phase of initial practice, then fine tuning & then unto a real journey.

Every Designer has his ace of spades, of sleight of hand to make his designs stand apart from the rest. For some, it is speed of work, for some, that understanding of the clients thinking, for others a healthy combination of all this. Prajakta belongs to the category which passionately pursues a site to a point where it starts talking to her.

Design for the Environment-

It is clear that the relationship between a Man & Nature is not just to provide a decorative backdrop for mans attempt at design, but a necessity of sustaining nature as a source of life, a presence & protector a teacher & most of all rediscovering the endless benefits of the harmony of man & nature.

Project Schedules-

Scheduling of the design team’s activities & the work that needs to be completed to construct and or install the project is a very important project management responsibility. The project manager/designer carefully monitors the schedule, informing the client of any changes that can impact the due dates of upcoming activities & the completion of the overall project.

Colours & Textures-

Vibrant colours  were bright, energetic & bubbly colors that enhance the personality of a room. Whether it’s a cheerful kitchen or an upbeat powder room ,vibrant colours  are a great choice for giving any living space some extra sparkle.

For an optimum effect go with soft tones like  off white, blues,& greens and always remember that brighter rooms feel bigger & more inviting. And here’s another hack-try painting your wall trim & molding in a lighter color than your walls.

Key points to hire an Experienced Interior designer-

IF you go for the DIY method, the cost of a designer fee is eliminated straightway. A creative eye & attention to detail. 

First & foremost you’ll need to be a highly creative.

Trend identification.

Knowledge of sustainable practices.

Superior communication, Presentation & negotiation skills.

Problem solving skills.

An understanding of colours, shapes & form.

To work to deadlines & budgets.

To keep upto date with new design developments.

Words and Article Written by- Prrajakkta Gaware

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