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“Elinorr Beauty: A scientifically enriched self-care routine for a grateful body”



What is Elinorr Beauty?

Elinorr Beauty is a science-based skincare line that aims to provide everyone with an ideal self-care routine. The company focuses on delivering the same for everyone through its product line as it understands the significance of self-care in all spheres. Elinorr Beauty provides formulations that have undergone extensive research and are devoid of harmful substances. The brand has been extremely successful for many, building a sizable consumer base in a short duration by capturing the essence and allure of nature.

About the Founder

Dr. Asha Thanky, a proponent of natural skincare, launched the brand Elinorr Beauty. Despite coming from the small town of Porbandar and being raised in the township of Gujarat Sidhee Cement Ltd., where receiving a higher education for a woman was still frowned upon by the community, she was the first girl child in her family to graduate with a degree in homoeopathy from Sardar Patel University’s VH Dave Medical College. When she made that decision, it served as an example for many young girls her age and their families to never give up on their passions or their aspirations.

A significant step for a girl at the time, she later moved to Mumbai after her marriage and worked as a practitioner there before quitting to take care of her child. Asha realised after a while that she had been avoiding herself for a long time. She understood that she needed to care for both her inner and outer selves and began experimenting on herself after taking a skincare formulations course, with amazing results. Despite having no prior knowledge of GST, she learned everything from the ground up and established a successful business. She conducted several additional formulation tests on friends and family members before finally allowing herself the opportunity to pursue her ambition and launch Elinorr Beauty. The brand is her brainchild, built solely on her knowledge, passion, hard work, and dedication.

Now, a number of female associates are working with the ever-shining brand Elinorr Beauty, demonstrating that a business background is not required to build a brand. Anyone who is dedicated and passionate about it may succeed, as Asha showed.

Vision, Mission and Beliefs 

Elinorr Beauty seeks to offer a realistic, scientific perspective on beauty. It uses safe and efficient skin care components that improve the biology of the skin to deliver long-lasting, clinically proven results.

The brand’s mission is to create an Indian-origin brand with efficient products while promoting self-care and increasing understanding of proper skincare ingredients. It aspires to reach a much wider audience domestically and internationally by promoting the brand and skincare expertise.

The brand believes that one of the most courageous things a person can do is to identify themselves. Without forsaking self-care, there is a long way to go and a tremendous goal to reach, and Elinorr Beauty is here to help.

Products and USPs

Elinorr Beauty has everything a perfect skincare routine needs. All of its products are gentle skincare products created especially for the Indian weather and skin types. To get the most genuine and nutrient-dense ingredients possible, the company never compromises on its ingredient standards and sources them globally. The brand is FDA-approved, and the test results reflect the authenticity that it commits.

The company actively supports society and the environment in several ways by using exclusively recyclable materials, which is good for the environment. Additionally, the organization’s founder has always understood the value of education for everyone and has supported funding for girls’ education in the name of gender equality.

You may take care of yourself easily with the help of Elinorr Beauty. Check out its products right away and pay heed to what your skin is trying to tell you!

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