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Embracing Tech and Turnkey Solutions; this Hyderabad based company is here to Revolutionise Luxury Home Construction



The construction industry in India plays a very powerful role in the Indian economy by contributing an all-time high of 3382.83 INR Billion in the first quarter of 2022 to the GDP. The industry might seem robust outwardly, but while the world is in the era of iPhones, construction methods are still in the cassette player phase, waning with inefficient age-old techniques and outdated approaches.

Analysing the mediocrity of Indian infrastructure projects, Hyderabad-based company Builtiful has established one such team with a vision to leverage tech in creating a transparent construction experience and changing home construction for the better. They identify themselves as boutique independent house builders who provide their customers with turnkey luxury homes, buildings, and real estate development. Coming from a family of top builders in Hyderabad, who have overseen huge infrastructure projects in AP & Telangana for the past 40 years, Vishal Reddy, observed the lack of systematic and technological approach in the private housing industry and decided to bring exclusiveness and have a fresh take on it.

“I could recognize the prevailing obstacles in home construction where many contractors still lacked professionalism and seek only to earn quick profits by hindering quality standards. Post covid-19, the notoriety of absence of client-builder transparency, cost overruns, non-adherence of timelines, and lack of quality execution made home buyers even more apprehensive of the entire building community. This often led to delivering poor quality and incompetent solutions” says Vishal. He added, “It was about time to create a system that was built end-to-end for the customer and also for the construction sector to embrace technology-driven solutions.”

By deploying the European construction practices that he had equipped himself with during his time in the UK, Vishal combined them with his tech-based management system in India. The huge scope for innovation in the company’s approach would gradually lead to an increase in employee accountability. 

Builtiful was thus laid to foundation, to bring revolution to the construction industry by using technology at the forefront and inculcating it with decades-long experience, that delivers maximum productivity and efficiency on-site. This would lead to quicker timelines, and optimum quality standards and paves the way to sustainable practices.

As independent housebuilders in Hyderabad, the company streamlines the construction process by integrating all entities engaged in the development of a home under one roof. Adding on Vishal said, “We provide complete services ranging from planning, design, execution, and handover, hence the term ‘turnkey’ solution, where all the effort for home construction, right from the start to end would be taken up by our firm, and all the client has to do is ‘turn the key’ and move into their bespoke home”. 

The organization’s USP lies in the experience they bring in worth of 40 years, that enables them to have access to skilled labour teams, trustworthy vendors, and the technical expertise to handle on-site situations. “Many companies entering the space lack the expertise or the skilled workforce that’s needed, and that keeps them 4 decades behind us which can’t be bought” the founder mentioned. 

The company also uses E-monitoring software for all its projects, providing real-time customer engagement, which reduces the need for the customer to be present in person and offers precise workforce accountability without human intervention. With a touch of a button, buyers can now have access to the daily progress reports and live pictures/video updates of their project live progress via 24/7 CCTV surveillance, from the comfort of their home. To their clients, the company has successfully reduced the need for in-person site visits, keeping technology at the forefront and having tech-enabled project management software, ensuring transparency during the entire project lifecycle.

The company also focuses a lot to ensure that every home/ building offers a unique design that catches every individual’s eye. They have partnered with over 35 reputed architects and designers in Hyderabad on their upcoming projects. “It’s a focal point for us, as we believe that every home and building should have a great design concept that allows the company to execute them flawlessly” Vishal mentioned. They seek to offer a reliable and trustworthy destination for architects to have their work completed so that they can concentrate on design while we handle the rest. 

The response from the architects too were overwhelming, as most architects do not have a dependable contractor to get their designs executed. They have a lot of trouble to get quality work executed in the desired timelines, and this can be challenging without the help of professional contractors to assist them. “We are currently working with MakeSpace architects for the design execution at Rajapushpa Greendale in Tellapur, Gowra Fountainhead at Hitec-city and are taking up a G+3 villa construction at Kondapur. We are delighted with the results we are showing and are receiving more project enquiries through fellow architects” the founder mentioned.

The company has been awarded the ‘Most Promising Startup’ in the construction industry by ‘The Indian Achievers Forum’ in 2021. Builtiful as one of the top builders in Hyderabad aspires to be the torchbearer and lead the transformation in Hyderabad’s construction industry. As compared to a few decades ago, today, a lot of importance is being given to architects and designers thanks to the dynamic customer mindset and ever-growing demand for better quality standards. Similarly, the same importance must be given in selecting your home builder as it is crucial for the contractor to build your home just the way it was meant to be. 


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