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“eSupplier boosts biz savings by reducing logistic costs. Get ahead of the competition with smart supply chain management.”



eSupplier is a tech start-up company that has created a cloud-based SaaS-based automated Logistic Platform.  It’s suitable for SMEs, and it will make your sourcing process easier, whether you’re looking for sea freight, air freight, or road transportation services.

Most companies still use traditional methods when communicating with Freight Forwarders and Transporters. This means they rely on phone and email to do things like sending inquiry, receiving quotes or negotiating prices. The entire process is tedious, time consuming, and lacks transparency.

Negotiating rates over the phone or via email can have a set of limitations that Buyers are aware of. eSupplier Logistic eBidding Platform assure Buyers that they’re getting the best Sea/Air/Road Freight Rates with less effort, while Freight Forwarders/Transporters will know their rank after submitting a price eBid online and who is eligible for L1 status (the lowest-priced vendor). This triggers real-time price competition among Transporters and Freight Forwarders, which allows Buyers to get the best market negotiated rates fast.

When you create bidding event, it will run for a specific time frame as selected by the buyer. Once the bidding is over, the system will also generate an excel and PDF reports for internal use.

We all know Time is money, each Price sourcing events take hours to complete, at eSupplier Buyers can create events fast and wrap up eBidding events under 30 minutes, thus saves time for Buyers & Logistic teams.

When your team has access to a modern and efficient logistics software, everything runs more smoothly. The template-based platform allows your procurement teams to input basic information which is then converted into an accurate eBidding events. That eliminates any risk of simple human error and helps increase the number of bids on your next shipment.

Why choose eSupplier Logistic Platform for eBidding?

1) Find Freight Forwarders

2) Create Freight Sourcing events to meet your needs

3) Invite existing Transporters or Freight Forwarders to participate

4) If you need help to expand your vendor base, we can also do that. Discover new Transporters and Freight Forwarders fast.

5) Dynamic Reverse eBidding process assures you have the best market Rates

6) System generated reports simplifies Audit Compliance

7) 100% process Transparency

8) Save Time & get direct Cost Saving

Simple user interface ensures maximum engagement among stake holders or internal users, no software to be installed as the solution is hosted in the cloud and ready to use.

eSupplier Logistics platform helps Manufacturing companies, Retail Stores, Traders and Export/Import Businesses save time and money. Plus you will get a live demo to show how we can help your business be more efficient.

In addition to Logistic Platform, eSupplier also provides Material Sourcing Platform which offers Reverse Auction to conduct Negotiation among multiple Suppliers.

Call eSupplier and speak to our Customer Support executive on Phone / WhatsApp +91-9773267374 or email us at 

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