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Exclusive Interview With Actor And Instagram Influencer, Samarjit Saha



Samarjit Saha (also known as @iamsamarjitsaha on Instagram) has a deep love for fashion , men’s grooming and luxury. Apart from being an influencer on social media, he is also an Actor. He shares his experience with Acting and how his skill helped him start his own Youtube channel :  SixpackBong. The Update India exclusively spoke to him about his journey to becoming an influencer and food vlogger and efforts behind it.

When and how did you develop an interest in acting?

Frankly speaking My mother has had a great influence on me growing up. Since childhood only I have had an interest in acting & dancing. From the school time I have started participating in drama & I have joined a local theatre group also. During my college days I started giving acting auditions and luckily I got an opportunity in ‘ Ek Adhbut Dakshina Guru Dakshina ‘ (Hindi) under Moonwalk Productions Pvt. Ltd. and EROS International, where I have shared screen with legendary actor Sir Girish Karnad.

‘Ek Adbhut Dakshina Guru Dakshina’

When did you realize that after Acting , posting your content on Instagram can be a profession?

When I first joined Instagram back in 2013, I had no idea this is a real career and I could monetize through Instagram.

After completing my Engineering degree I have started working in one of the top MNC companies & frankly after that I was not able to give proper time to my acting career. But I always knew the Internet was the future. So, I thought if I could utilise my free time and create content on social platforms.

During the early stage I have created content on my own. And soon, brands started contacting me for collaboration and to promote their products.

Samarjit Saha has a keen interest in acting since his childhood

You have worked with many well known reputed Brands like Beardo, mCaffeine, Gillette, WOW Skin Science India and many more. Can you share some of your best tips for people who also want to be an Influencer?

Consistency is the key. The more you create , the more you learn.

What do you think makes your followers connect with your content?

I think I’m just who I am. I’m real and I don’t always have a good day and I don’t always show that I’m living my best life. I also talk about real things like mental health, social problems and current affairs.

What have been the most difficult obstacles you’ve faced?

I am Coding, Acting and creating content at the same time. Sometimes I feel 24hrs in a day is less. Otherwise I am totally happy with everything.

“Sometimes I feel 24 hours in a day is less, ” says Samarjit Saha

What are your future plans?

Currently my 1st commercial Bengali movie “Rahsymoy” (2022) is going to release anytime soon. So, I’m waiting for the big day. And all I want to do now is create more content and share my experience with my followers. Also some amazing food vlog is coming soon on my Youtube channel. So just stay tuned with SixpackBong.

WOW! Congratulations in advance. Can you share some details about this movie?

It is a Bengali crime thriller also starring Saswata Chatterjee , Saayoni Ghosh , Anindya Chatterjee , Amrita Chattopadhyay and more. Soumyaa Supriyaa, a director duo from Tollywood is directing this amazing project.

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Actor, Instagram Influencer, Food Vlogger, Youtuber and Java developer Samarjit Saha is one of the most famous personalities of Kolkata.

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