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Fall 2022 Nail Colours



Not so sombre!
‘With it’ nail trends for Fall 2021

Nippy winters can surprisingly be a fun time too – As temperatures dip, the excitement quotient of fashionistas soars! And so does nail fashion. Fall 2022 nail trends are all about earthy darks, cool pastels, and subtle neutrals juxtaposed with spunky nail art. Deep, dark pops of colour married to sparkle, glitter, matte and metal, expect this Fall to have it all!

Dance to the dark

Since the fall season is usually associated with darkness, nail colours are following suit by flaunting autumnal shades like inky blue, dark purple, deep crimson and fiery orange. And because of all the uncertainties witnessed over the last year, a new trend in nail colours is a mix of caution and familiarity. Style is going back to its roots and classics like glossy red and bold black are returning. 

Snow, Shimmer, Shine

This season, try shades that are not too white, not quite beige, a little silver, maybe some shimmer, a bit of glitter. Since metallics have made a comeback – For an ombré appeal, pair your ‘wintery’ shade with a light metallic hue. For that added twist, try polychromatic shades, each with a different tale to tell! 

Matter of matte

A new spin on matte nails is the addition of 3D textures, anything ranging from abstract swirls to tonal animal prints. Matte finishes and patterns can be a refreshing change from glossy nails and regular manicures to brighten up your nails.

Flower Power

Seasons may change, but Flower Power stays constant. From bright summery palettes and gloomy monsoon colours, transition to deep electric hues for the cool winter months. You can also spruce up your winter mani by trying press on nails with dried pressed natural flowers.

Twist on the tips

This fall is seeing different takes on the ever-sophisticated French manicure. This season, swap those white French nail tips with a gold or silver metallic version. For added drama, throw in some glitter – chunky or sparse – opaque or translucent – tune it as per your personal desire towards that winter wonderland vibe!

Milan’s fall collections have introduced minimalistic metallics in clothing. This trend is spilling over to nail fashion and funky metallic shades are adorning nail tips.

This fall, fashion is also drawing inspirations from the aesthetics of early 2000s. Hence, swanky nail tips are exhibiting hearts, flowers, and pastels too.

Wearable chocolate

Add luxury to your winter manicures with swirled chocolate or chocolate ganache manicure patterns, which may be kicked up a notch by adding gold or beige flakes.

Equipped with this intel on how to fashion your nails this fall, there’s no reason to wait, is there? So, get going, show off those gorgeous nails, styled to perfection, and give a impactful run away ready look tuned in with the season!

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