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“Binay Pratap Shahi: Driving Change as Political & Social Activist”



Binay Pratap Shahi is a youth political activist, Former COO – The physically Challenged Cricket Association, and the Former Co-Convener of the Sports Cell, BJP Delhi. He is also a Joint Secretary of the Yuva Khel Foundation.

As a young political activist, Binay Pratap Shahi aspires to authentically engage and interact with various sections of society and further their demands and voices to the relevant authorities. Binay is also actively involved in social work and related projects that help people and bring visible results. For example, during the COVID-19 pandemic and lockdown, Binay partnered with local help groups and provided affected people and households with food grains, water, safety kits, and medicines. He has also assisted in educating numerous children living in rural and slum areas by enrolling them in Government and local schools.

Binay Pratap Shahi firmly believes that entering politics at a young age has given him the advantage of entirely relating to the issues that the youth of the country face daily. He says, “Young people want authorities to understand their problems and give solutions that are implemented. They can also feel unheard and neglected if concrete action is absent. As a young social and political activist, I give a sense of belonging to them and ensure that their issues reach Government bodies in the right tone and manner. I know how endless loops are created and how tiring they can get. Therefore, I do all I can to amplify their voices and provide a solution.”

We asked him questions about his political career, aims, and thoughts on various issues in Bihar.

How has being a youth leader and activist shaped you?

It has been good. My position as the Joint Secretary of the Yuva Khel Foundation has greatly enabled me to be better in the field of Sports. I am grateful for my platform because it is through this platform that I can raise the voices of sports.

As someone who is into activism, what are your primary goals?

 There are many, but the main objectives are to be available for people in general and continue to hold solution-oriented dialogue on the issues they face.

 How to improve Bihar’s Sports Industry?

The changing mindset of the Bihar masses has given a new lease of life to the sports industry in the country. Still, we have a long way to go. There should be more social acceptance and opportunities for people who want to participate and make a career in sports. We also need to figure out how to keep the essence of sport alive with the changing times.

Binay also uses social media platforms like Instagram, Facebook, Twitter, etc., to connect to the public and put out opinionated posts on the current situations and affairs of the country.

Binay has successfully established himself as a youth leader who brings visible change and positive social results.

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