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Fly King Universal Shipping: Read about the journey of Ram Dadich and what took him to start a company that’s doing business across 59 countries



Ram Dadich, son of Sugna Ram Dadich, is the youngest person to pay the highest tax to the government. Today, there is no such person in the 12 states of Telangana, Maharashtra, Rajasthan, Gujarat, Haryana, Punjab, and Uttar Pradesh who has paid the highest income tax to the government in 2022.

Fly King Universal Shipping is cargo shipping handle that ships across the globe currently active in more than 59 countries that includes UAE, United States of America, United Kingdom and South Africa. 

Since its foundation Fly King is known for quality services to its clients where the team of expert professionals take over your things and make sure that they are delivered to their destiny on time without any problems. They are known around for providing services at affordable prices and assured quality services. 

Ram Dadhich, founder of Fly King started this venture with the aim to be global recognised name in the industry. As their first deal Fly King had their first deal with GoD (Government of Dubai) and thereafter Fly King has not looked back. They are now working with countries like United Kingdom and United States, closely. Dubai Government has also offered them (Fly King) to start their franchise in Dubai.

Over the time, Fly King Universal Shipping has generated a good revenue and are now running a successful business but this was not always the case, they faced a lot of struggles and hurdles the major one being how to start, how to work, where to start from and the know-how. Though facing this situation demotivated Rameshwar, a bit, but it did not make him fall and he kept going with courage. He then recalls, and says, “I was not aware how to do or leave, after that I got the support of a person in my company who supported me, motivated me, Rishitha, a colleague of mine. She is the partner of my company; I want to say thank you very much to her for her support and faith in me in my good and bad times.”

Ram and his team of 20 dedicated professionals who are ever ready to take on any responsibility have learnt things from other companies and got the basic information about work of import and export business and how they are functioning.  There are various services that are available at Fly King Universal Shipping are;

  1. Customer Clearance

Fly King provides customer clearance to its clients, with prior experience and skills they are always ready to tackle everything and anything. Their core values include professionalism, efficiency and guaranteed results.

  1. Marine Insurance

Fly King Universal Shipping is committed to getting the job done securely and safely. Especially when it comes to this service. You can count on us to be professional, timely, efficient and make sure you’re satisfied every step of the way. They ensure everything on board to recover looses just in case something goes wrong.

  1. Worldwide Delivery 

Fly King Universal delivers across the globe, they pick up and drop cargo on time. Catering to your every need. You can hire them for their services and see the results yourself. 

And a lot more. 

All those associated with Fly King are satisfied with their services and have referred them to their network. 

Ram always wanted to start his own business and establish it, though he graduated as an Engineer and after doing three jobs in corporate world and then left them. Because he wasn’t satisfied with what he was doing so he left his job without informing his family; a risk that he believed it was worth taking for. 

He started working in share market and that was when he started his own company. After his family came to know about his decision, he took to leave his job there were a lot of complications and troubles he launched Fly King Universal Shipping Pvt limited.

He says, “I came out of the house and after a lot of trouble. I started my own company. My brothers, Lakshman and Mahesh Sharma supported me and Neha, my wife explained and helped me a lot. With all of them, today I have been able to fulfil this dream.”

Ram also supports people who want to fulfil their own business and start a new life he can work with them and start a new phase of life. People who want to make career in marine and shipping line can gain experience here and fulfil their dreams by working hard. 

As a part of their expansion plan Fly King Universal Shipping is all set to launch in Dubai in next 7 months and are also going to expand in India. Ram is also planning to manufacture third party medicines. 

Hire Fly King Universal Shipping to getting the job done, especially when it comes to the service. You can count on us to be professional, timely, efficient and make sure you’re satisfied every step of the way, to book or get in touch with them, visit;

Or Get in Touch at +91 96027 74776 

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