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For Me, Awareness Has Been Crucial says, Mohammed Tahur Sayed.



To survive in a rapidly changing environment, one has to adapt and evolve to survive in it. Realising the potential of digital marketing, Mohammed Tahur Sayed made the switch based on how much growth it would create in upcoming years. He realised the potential that this industry had, and hands down, this industry is growing at lightning speed, making his decision justifiable. Awareness is pivotal and is one factor that could be identified in him that changed all the paths in his life. 

He had no intention of studying electronics, never dreaming of becoming an entrepreneur or working for a company that was growing by the day. But one has to have a close sight to see the trends and modify oneself accordingly, which is exactly what he did on his part. He is a living testament to using awareness to make the right decisions.

Online Crawlers Pvt Ltd is a digital marketing agency based out of Hubli. Founded by Mohammed Tahur Sayed and Mohammed Farhan Sayed, who are also the current directors of the company, have worked hard to boost the growth of the company. The company was launched with the aim to help and encourage small and medium businesses and businesses which are situated in tire two and tire three cities of the country. 

Online Crawlers offers various digital marketing solutions under one roof. They have served various sectors since its inception and are known across the nation for their premium and standard quality services. The services that are offered by Online Crawlers include;

  • Lead Generation Services 
  • Website Development and Designing
  • Product Branding 
  • Making of products and services 
  • Cloud Service
  • Online consultancy services 
  • E-commerce and store services
  • Pay per Click Service
  • Application development and designing
  • SEO (Search Engine Optimisation)
  • Social Media Marketing 
  • Software Development 
  • Web Hosting, and many more.

Known for its services, over the period of time, Online Crawlers has generated a huge base of satisfied customers. Experienced professionals are providing these services, and the team there make sure that you get the best for your business that help you and your business reach the actual potential. The customer executive service that is offered at Online Crawlers makes customers’ experience unprecedented. The team at Online Crawler says, “We are recognised by the world for our quality, and that is something we never compromise with. We make sure that only the best is delivered to our clients.”

Tahur holds a degree in Electronic Engineering, from an engineer to a digital marketer. He says, “This is one of the best decisions Ive ever made. I did not plan to be a digital marketer, but after making this decision, Ive never looked back, and Im grateful for this.” 

Underestimation was one strong emotion that he felt very often back then, but now he’s put that into the right work and created Online Crawlers, which in statistics is just growing with each passing day. His impressive manoeuvres have opened opportunities for him, not only lucrative but potentially lucrative. He rightly understood that with everything shifting to online, it has just made it legit to swear on digital marketing for boosting one’s business. 

Starting off with Online Crawlers was one decision that moved businesses in every aspect. One thing he did differently was focus on helping businesses in tier 2 and tier 3 cities, which were largely ignored by every other digital marketing firm. This is what makes Online Crawlers unique. His firm belief in upgrading himself in response to the changing environment has kept him up to date and well suited to changes. His hustle was between full-time jobs, which he continued for three years and used to up-skill himself with digital marketing hacks, trends, and various other strategies to expand businesses. 

He also laid great emphasis on upskilling: it is one thing he lays major focus on. To back up his knowledge and make him more standout, he has taken various courses in the field of digital marketing. He comes from a small village called Alnavar and building himself as well as his business was his sole motive after shifting to being an entrepreneur. He’s put his sweat into building every bit of it. He gives a major part of his success to digital marketing, which has brought him various areas to explore and upskill. Serving domestic as well as international clients boosted his confidence and has kept the company moving up the growth graph. The demand for digital marketers happens to be higher since digitisation and a number of other factors.

From being inept at digital marketing to owning a progressive digital marketing company, he’s built everything from scratch. Throughout, he just emphasised and manifested the need for digital marketing in every possible part of the globe through his work. His services extend to social media marketing and brand-building strategies for businesses. One cannot overlook the services provided by them, and he has also made major contributions. In Hubli, Online Crawlers Marketing Agency is ranked as the top digital marketing business. 

From marketing automation to content marketing, they help and empower businesses in the utmost possible way. Since then, they have served thousands of clients throughout the world, making it the top of clients’ priority lists.

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