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Samanvay Devara: Innovating Maggie Recipes with Inventive Twists.



It was a day in school, a typical day with a special assembly. A special assembly because every student present was required to go on stage and share their hobbies on that particular day. After everyone was done, the principal shared his hobby, saying, “My hobbies are; Eating and Cooking.” Everyone was shocked, but then he stated that cooking could also be a hobby. If cooking can be a profession, then why not a hobby?

Pursued as a hobby, Samanvay Devara has turned into his profession and is currently one of the most reputed Chefs across the globe. Food is something that carries a lot of things besides taste, such as emotions, feelings, and a lot of history. Every dish has a recipe, and every recipe carries a story. When Samanvay started, he only knew how to take Make Maggi in 2 minutes and nothing else, but as they say, ‘Inspiration can come from anywhere, and the same happened with Samanvay— watching huge names like Ranveer Brar, Gorden Ramsey, and a few other chefs on Television and YouTube fascinated him, and he decided to follow the path that his heart said.

By educational background, Samanvay holds a Computer Science degree, but by heart, he holds mastery in cooking delicious, mouth-watering dishes. He used to bunk his college classes and sit in his hostel room to ensure he never skipped a cooking video. The fire was growing slowly and steadily, and soon it turned out to be a life-changing event for him. Since then, he has never looked back, and now he mentors, helps, trains people, and brings the best cooks.

After college, he wanted to start and establish his own cooking business. Hence he kickstarted his business by establishing a cloud kitchen from home. It was a new yet impactful concept, but it had its hardships; being the latest concept, the cloud kitchen could not get a wider reach. It was then he realized he would do something bigger and more accessible. He says, “I was not satisfied with the cloud kitchen because that was only visible on limited platforms such as Swiggy and Zomato.” He upgraded after a year. After a year of observations, analysis, and research, Le Goût Café was launched.

Le Goût is derived from the French dictionary, meaning Food or Taste in English. Le Goût Café is situated in the Banjara Hills of Hyderabad. It has become one of the favorite destinations for people to satisfy their hunger and spend time with food. After the Omelette Shop, Samanvay spent a few months working in a café where he learned a lot of things and analyzed the mistakes that he had made. After working on these things and learning from his failures, he launched Le Goût, a great success. The credit also goes to the beautiful cooking skills of Samanvay Devara.

The rating for Le Goût is high on digital media and review sites, be it for service, food taste, or quality. 

Le Goût and the team never fail to spice up and make the taste wonderful with his own ‘secret methods’, making the eating experience wonderful and memorable.

To know more or reserve your table at Le Goût Café, visit;

To connect with Samanvay Devara, visit;

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