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GauValley sets record with 1 Lakh Desi Cow Dung Diyas during Karthika Deepostava.



What a divine blessings Most Reverend #Avadhoota_Shri_Vinay_Guruji participated in the ‘#Karthika_Deepotsava’ program led by ‘#Gauvalley organisation at Nandi Links Ground, Bangalore where the Dignitaries Vanakallu Malleshwara Maha Sansthana #Shri_Sri_Basava_Ramananda Swamiji, Sri Sharavana MLC Karnataka,Dr.Harikrishna Maram Founder Chairman GauValley Initiative, Dr Bala Krishna Shetty Vice Chancellor Sri Siddhartha Medical University, Dr Tegeswari Promoter Vydehi Medical and Group of Institutions, Dr Kiran Reddy Founder AIMS Institutes, Dr RV Mamatha Raj Mamadev Yoga Hub , Prachi Gowda President YJP , Mr Naresh Babu Founder Thindipothara Habba and Invocation song by Deepika Leading Singer and many others participated. On the same occasion #Karnataka_Book_of_Records award was created and awarded to Go Valley Initiative for lighting one lakh lamps made from #Cow Dung and Cow Ghee Diya’s .

Gau Valley project is going to be the world’s largest Gaushala spread over 625 acres of green and lush land situated near Dharmastala, Karnataka surrounded by 2 rivers. It’s approximately around 75 km from Mangaluru and 300 km from Bengaluru, the capital of Karnataka, India. The land is already covered with 300 acres of Rubber, 5,600 Coconut trees, 9,500 Arecanut trees, 5,600 Cashew trees, 750 Jadhi trees, 600 Pepper trees, and 500 Mango trees, 300 Jackfruit trees, and 400 Teakwood trees. Jaikai, Pepper, and other quarries are covered in 15 acres.

To invest in cattle is a big decision, especially if you have no experience in handling it. Also, cattle are expensive to buy and they take up a lot of space. If you don’t have the time or space to take care of the cattle, then Gau Valley is your best solution. The cattle will be managed by Gau Valley on your behalf. We will take care of the fodder, medicine, and all other required needs that cattle have. All that is provided to the cattle will be the utmost quality feeds. You may visit Gau Valley any time of the year to check how well your cattle are doing physically and digitally.

So, what are you waiting for? Adopt a Cow to become a part of the Gau Valley movement today!

“Gaavo Vishwasya Maatarah” (Cow is the Universal Mother).

Gau Seva

As per scriptures, the Cow is the Universal Mother, in Sanskrit written as “Gaavo Vishwasya Maatarah”. Hence, its one’s duty to serve and protect Gau Mata. For ages, Gau Mata has become an integral part of human life.

Gau Daan

The word Gau is taken from Sanskrit which means ‘source of food, ‘symbol of life, and ‘senses’. The word ‘Gau Daan’ means ‘the gift of a cow’. In ancient times cows were donated by the kings to needy people. It is believed that at least one cow should be given as “Daan” in one’s lifetime. Generally, Gau Daan includes Daan of Cow along with the Calf.

Feed the Gau

If no one will be there to take care of Cow, then they will die out of hunger, by eating plastic or end up in the slaughterhouse. So, we have decided to build a Goshala, a cow shelter. Running the Goshala requires huge amounts of resources, to ensure they are taken care of. It is extremely difficult to provide all facilities for thousands of cows. A cow is a second mother to all of us. We must help our protector.

Gau Pooja

Gau Puja can be offered every day or on days like Thursday and Friday. Cow with its calf is offered Puja on all the festivals (Hindu) to yield the wishes. Shraavanmaas, Karthikmaas, or Sankranti can be such special occasions.

Activities of Gau Valley:

Shed Maintenance

Cow sheds are constructed without cement or concrete flooring, from East to West direction. Separate sheds are constructed for Urine collection. We can use either Onduline sheets or natural grass top. We designed a grass-feeding passage and drinking water facility along with mosquito nets.

Grass and Feed

We provide free or forest grazing for desi cows for at least 4 to 5 km to walk in sunlight. We avoid Super Napier Grass, and instead, we provide multi varieties of Desi Grass, Hedge Lucerne, Lucerne, Stylo, Sorghum, Bajra, Millets, Jawar, etc.

Products Making

We can make many Gau Mata’s Panchagavya products based on demand. We prefer such projects for spiritual care as Pooja Samagri, Dhoop Sticks, Cow dung Diyas, Cow dung Cakes, Sambrani Cups, etc. The next preference is for bath and home care products, and finally healthcare products.

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