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Unlock Potential with Life Coach Jagat Turkiya



“When you start believing in yourself, your life starts changing.”

– Jagat Turkiya

A young, fantastic man, 35 years old, who discovered at an early age what it meant to appreciate oneself so highly that one demands nothing less than the best from oneself. In addition to being a storyteller and the author of three books, he is an official winner in the Guinness Book of World Records. When he was a teenager, he promised himself that he would make wise judgments and understand his true worth. He decided to adopt a more solid outlook on life and develop his strength.

Jagat has always had a strong desire to help others, and he is on a mission to change the world by guiding others toward realizing their inner strength and importance.

With 15 years of expertise in the unified field and three years of coaching experience, Jagat can empower people to take greater control of their lives and educate them on how to face problems to develop as people.

When his active income was cut in half due to the COVID lockdown in 2020, Jagat began life coaching. At that point, he started looking at ways to generate passive income. He conducted extensive web research before discovering online coaching as the option that would transform his life. “I did some more research and discovered that it requires minimal investment, is legal, and is incredibly simple to start! “I can do this work without leaving home, so I started to learn it and launched my online coaching profession,” Jagat said.

Jagat is on a mission to help people develop a loving and powerful sense of self by enabling them to take better control of their lives and teaching them how to handle each challenge and turn it into a stepping stone to becoming a more powerful person. This is because Jagat desires to share what he has experienced with the world. He has a unique method that implements everything step-by-step since he is on a mission to alter how we define wealth, health, relationship and strength drastically.

The Most People in a Speech Relay in 313 was a Guinness World Record set by Sampurrna Vikas Trust (All India) in Surat, Gujarat, India, on April 9, 2022, and Jagat has participated in the current year(2022). which was a proud moment for India since, under the leadership of honourable Prime Minister Shri Narendra Modi, the country set a Guinness World Record on the subject of “India’s Growth.” According to the Guinness Book of World Records, this nation has the largest world record. Guinness World Records has recognized Honourable Prime Minister Shri Narendra Modi’s contributions to India’s development. He is the author of three books: Jagat Kee Diary, Unlock Happiness: 8 Secrets to Have Healthy Relationships (Hindi Edition), and Langotiya Yaar: Digital Dhakkan or Dost. His books are available at and Amazon (KDP) 

Speaking about the future, Jagat declared, “This year, I want to reach as many Indians as possible and spread the wave of transformation before I take on the rest of the globe!” He aims to assist 1 million people who want to develop their online and digital skills and begin professions in the field.

Jagat saw his fair share of hardships growing up in a lower-middle-class household with four brothers and sisters living in a tiny house and failing math and English classes. Despite these challenges, Jagat persevered and has now succeeded in the classroom of life.

With “The Incredible You, System and Method”  Jagat is on a mission to assist 1 million individuals experiencing difficulties with their health, wealth, careers, or romantic relationships. He also wants to encourage you to adopt a fresh outlook on life.

If you’re still not convinced, consider that Jagat has been trained by Bollywood and international Coach Arfeen Khan. Under his supervision, many individuals have had their books published, and he has helped more than a thousand others in realizing their aspirations. Jagat aims to inspire people to take greater control of their life and educate them on how to face obstacles head-on to develop a loving and strong sense of self!

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