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Global Hospital & Medishiv deliver Affordable Generic Meds right to your doorstep.



Global Hospitals and Medishiv bring to your Doorstep an online pharmacy that sells Generic medications and more. They are a trustworthy and dependable online pharmacy that provides excellent customer service and low prices. They offer a comprehensive choice of items, including prescription and over-the-counter drugs, vitamins, and supplements, and a quick and user-friendly website for purchasing and reordering. Furthermore, Medishiv offers instant online drug access with simple home delivery across India.

Dr. Partap Midha launched the 

Medishiv Campaign at the Global Hospital, Mount Abu, to educate society about the use of authentic generic medicine, lowering the healthcare budget of every citizen of India by providing quality generic medicines at affordable prices, and resolving the issue of generic medicine availability.

Medishiv’s goal is to make high-quality medications cheap for everyone to minimize out-of-pocket healthcare costs. Through this program, anyone in India may purchase generic medicines from Global Hospital.

Dr. Pratap Midha, Director of the Global Hospital and Research Center (GHRC), is always working to raise awareness and educate patients about the benefits of switching from branded to generic medications, which can cut monthly medication costs by 60–80%. He also stated that many low-quality drugs are on the market, so people should only buy generic medications from approved retailers. Under the guidance of director Dr. Pratap Midha, Global hospital is conducting people’s well-being programs to educate society on how to lead a healthy lifestyle and provide free medication and treatments to the needy.

Medishiv even offers a mobile app where you may have numerous prescription medications and other health-related items delivered throughout India. The majority of drugs are currently available in small towns and rural areas. They also provide generic versions of several medications. You may also use the Medishiv mobile app to place your order online and deliver your medicines to your door at your leisure.

Furthermore, you can get information on the details of your medications on the Medishiv mobile app, with quick access to reliable information about your drug. Once you’ve downloaded the Medishiv smartphone app, you may reorder medication to ensure you never run out. Our pharmacists are available for a free phone or WhatsApp consultations during business hours.

The Medishiv mobile app contains a database of medicines classified into various categories, such as prescription medications, over-the-counter (OTC) products, wellness products such as vitamins, diet, and fitness supplements, herbs, including pain relievers, baby and Mothercare products, and surgical equipment. Through their app, you may order certain medications. Medishiv makes every effort to procure the remedy for you.

Every drug purchase is digitally recorded, allowing authorities to monitor their supply chains easily. This also limits the possibility of counterfeit medication and drug abuse. Medishiv provides and sells drugs that are legally available in the United States.

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