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Goa’s First Real estate Author; Deron Almeida, Founder of Limestone Realty



There have been at least 10 land scam instances reported per year for the past ten years, and about 128 cases overall in the state of Goa. Ignorant landowners are to blame for these land frauds. As a result, to help decrease the number of land scams, Deron Almeida is preparing to publish the book “ Prosper or Perish with Real estate “ , Primafacie, this book will serve as a guide for individuals to take the right precautions to preserve their property. The book contains a whole section that deals with the proper buying methods and the proper steps that will allow you to avoid falling prey to a scammers. 

Goa’s top realtor, Deron Almeida, has 9 years of experience and 500+ satisfied customers who have awarded Limestone Realty a 4.8 stars Rating on Google. At just 22, Deron Almeida established Limestone Realty. Since then, Limestone Realty has grown through time to become a significant participant in Goa’s real estate market and a well-known brand among developers, hoteliers, housing societies, attorneys, and the real estate community. The fact that LimestoneRealty adheres to strict property onboarding procedures to guarantee that their customers’ goals are well-cared for, sets them apart from other brokers in the industry.

In addition to the locals, NRIs will also benefit greatly from this book, as the main focus of the book is on the first and second-generation NRIs who either own or have inherited land in Goa, and it gives them a comprehensive view from the standpoint of succession, tax, ownership, maintenance, selling, renting, and many other interesting facts that will make them enjoy their real estate ownership process. 

The book is broken up into several short stories that each outline certain educational information, making it easy for even young children to understand through folktales the concept of real estate. “The best part of the book and another highlight of the book is where I have begun interviewing industry experts and bringing their years of experience to our readers, so then the readers can learn about their Aspirations, Success, and Failures which will motivate them, to fall in love with Real estate” Said Deron.

When Deron hears someone say, “Real estate in Goa is a nightmare,” he makes it a point to correct them, saying, “Real estate is not a nightmare, but not knowing how to play the game of real estate can be, so go out there, sign up for the book, avoid the mistakes that people made, and emerge as a winner , with Limestone Realy as your preferred partners”

Having a successful business while still being an author is challenging. It takes a lot of time to write a book, therefore Deron gets up at 5 a.m. every day to write for 2 hours. The book will be very helpful to anyone who wishes to acquire real estate. Although the book won’t be released officially between  January-March 2023, readers may reserve a copy by clicking this link now

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