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Greentech is all about high-quality, trending, and durable Sound & Storage devices. We only believe in providing the best quality products and after-sale services. You will never regret selecting our company for your storage.

 Team Greentech came into being in the year 2006 and began its journey in Flash drive Industry. In 2022 Greentech is the Largest Manufacturer of Memory cards & Flash drives in India & had a great network of distributors.

 The company gained ground in this sector keeping in mind the growth rate in the business of memory modules. The company produces and deals in many types of memory modules, mobile, and computer accessories.

Greentech majorly deals in Memory cards, Micro SD cards, flash drives, Bluetooth earphones & many more. Team Greentech believes that providing the highest quality products and after-sales services is the most important part of the company.

The company’s commitment to delivering the highest quality products is contemplated alongside the safety testing, latest technology, and longest possible durability of the product. The company works hard and breaks no rules even to keep on the spearhead of the industry.

A product like Pen-drive or memory card has become a nearly Important part of our lives, even if some people don’t necessarily realize it. Technologically speaking, it involves an industry standard that creates precise specifications for not only companies but the individuals.

Everyone in today’s life needs to store memory and collect data, Greentech provides every solution for everyone.

By the declaration of its commitment to quality, the Total Quality Control concept is in vogue, and on this basis, it became one of the first memory module suppliers in India to have received ISO 9001 Certification.

Although we have a good distribution network in the market our Vision is on focusing on localized market characteristics and channel management to build a strong distribution network, Greentech aimed to achieve its goal and success through full customer satisfaction. Besides, having Channel partners throughout the country, Greentech has its own offices and service outlets in three different States of India and thus can serve a large segment of customers to their satisfaction. Greentech presently has its Sales and Service outlets in major cities namely Delhi, Kolkata & Patna

In short, Greentech can be best described as a leader in the field of memory modules & sound devices that brings the state-of-the-art latest new technologies into the Country.

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