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Head-to-head with the heart Conversation with a young CEO.




The start-up indJustry is at an all-time high. We’re talking about new heights that our country has never seen before.

A lot of young adults are now dreaming of their ventures, start-ups, buildings, and empires. As the new decade rolls, this generation gives entrepreneurship its best chance.  

It’s exciting, thrilling, and at the same time…it’s adventurous with lots of hard work.

This is why, to help our readers navigate through the muddy waters of entrepreneurship, we have invited Ms. Heta Dave {add-linked}, the founder, and CEO of Eta Solutions {add-weblink}, an Ahmedabad-based marketing company.

She started her company from scratch after the covid and has been the pillar of the community for the last 2 years. Her company, Eta Solutions, focuses on market analysis and trendsetting to help its clients excel in the market.

Q: How did you do all this? I mean,

– You studied pharmacy,

– Then worked as a recruiter,

– And you’re an entrepreneur.

Now you want to expand in the education business. How do you do all this?

You just had to start with the toughest question, didn’t you? My answer would be that I was fortunate enough to do the right thing at the right time.

Q: No that can’t be it come on.

If I am being honest with you, I don’t know. I guess there were just too many decisions that led me here. All I do is try to give my best every day.

Q: It’s that kind of a sacrilegious thing to say as a CEO?

Yeah, I know. But there have been so many CEOs who speak out the same gibberish every single time. Always whining about the holy trinity of hard work, dedication, and grit.

Q: And you don’t believe that?

I do believe these things are important…but there are so many factors that people don’t account for.

Let’s just take the recruitment market for example. Right now, a lot of top-tier companies are mass firing their employees which is creating a massive surplus in the talent pool.

This is a moment for many entrepreneurs to capitalize and hire.

Q: So, what is the most important job for a CEO?

Making tough decisions. Making them fast and learning to live with those decisions.

Q: “Live with your decisions” can you please elaborate for our readers?

Yeah sure. Anyone online knows that CEOs are mass firing their employees to stabilize their company and keep everything in order. In the short term this is a great thing, but can you imagine the long-term consequences?

No one will trust entrepreneurs anymore.

The concept of “Company is like family” is all fizzled out. People now will rarely trust anything a company says. This is a consequence that almost every business owner must face. You cannot run away from your decisions.

Q: Sounds quite damaging.

It’s not, it’s the truth (smiles). But on the flip side, genuine trust becomes the most important currency in the modern world. There are stories of so many CEOs who have reduced their salaries but didn’t fire their employees. So, as you can see, things aren’t as harmful as we have made them out to be.

Q: I didn’t expect such a blunt answer.

I know… I tend to share my honest opinions. I have a newsletter{add-link} where I discuss insights and opinions with my readers. Feel free to join.

Q: I most definitely will. Can you share what separates Eta Solutions from other marketing companies?

Oh definitely, thanks for the opportunity. Eta family {add-weblink} as I like to call it is a group of dedicated creatives… people who live and breathe ideas and love sharing those ideas with everyone.

Many companies focus on technical aspects such as SEO, PPC, and ROI. They have their place. But our top priority is to skyrocket our clients to the next level. And to do that, we have to build their connection with their customers.

Q: So, in your professional experience, what is the biggest mistake that marketers make?

It’s funny you should say that because mistakes are a part of marketing. We test our content and strategize on that basis.

I’d say that today, with all the great tech advancements, marketers are forgetting a key ingredient. Storytelling.

Q: Before we end our discussion, can you elaborate on this for our readers? 

Sure. You see, stories are the most ancient form of marketing promotion. Ancient history was full of great storytellers whose names are still as common as iPhone and Samsung. Those chroniclers knew that if there is one thing that makes you a legend, then it is how people perceive you and your legacy.

Or branding, as we call it today.

We focus not just on marketing our clients but creating a legitimate legacy that both, the client and their customers can be proud of.

Q: Authenticity is a very big trope for you and your clients it seems.

Absolutely. Reverting to what we discussed just a few minutes ago. Trust is the most important currency for any brand. But because right now we’re living in a low-trust society, showing your true, authentic, vulnerable brand is the best way to hyper-target your desired audience.

Being yourself in this context doesn’t mean sitting around the fireplace and crying about your feelings. For us and our clients, it simply means to know ourselves. Our values, our vision, and our limitation.

So our clients usually know what they want, they have a product, but they have no idea how to brand themselves. This is what we specialize in.

Q: Wow, this was a fascinating conversation, ma’am. I am really surprised at how different your take on the whole of entrepreneurship and marketing is.

The pleasure is all mine. Thank you so much for this opportunity.

       Ms. Heta Dave is launching Tretshaala

the complete training course for marketers who want to stay up-to-date with their customers.

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