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Play-to-Earn Blockchain Game Land of Conquest to launch its first NFT mystery box on July 15 at premium Bybit NFT Marketplace is open for Indians



Land of Conquest, a much-anticipated blockchain game launching soon in the GameFi space, announced today  to launch its first NFT mystery box on July 15 at Bybit NFT Marketplace. $SLG governance token will also be listed on the Bybit cryptocurrency exchange on July 19th.

“We are very pleased to be listing $SLG on a global established exchange like Bybit,” said Land of Conquest game producer Amore Wong. “It has been hard work building ‘Land of Conquest’ over the past months and we are happy to announce that alpha testing will begin at the end of July, with a closed beta coming in August. Funds raised through the Cocos IGO and PopFun whitelisting will also help us launch the final game very soon. Seeing the massive support we have already received, we expect Land of Conquest to be extremely well-received.”

Land of Conquest is an upcoming play-to-earn Massive Multiplayer Online Simulated Life Game (MMOSLG) developed by a team with over ten years of game development experience. Thousands of players will interact and play the game together in a variety of semi-realistic ways as an MMO simulated life game. The game takes place in an apocalyptic wasteland where players can build their own bases, produce goods, train heroes, and battle other players’ characters as well as hostile NPCs. SLG, the game’s native token, can be obtained through in-game and on-chain transactions.

Lead investors in Land of Conquest include Mirana Ventures, PopFun, CCV, C2, and New Start Ventures. The game is expected to launch in the fourth quarter of 2022. A lot of gaming enthusiasts seem to be really excited about this particular game.  NFTs play an important part in Land of Conquest, being used to represent multiple important in-game assets including land, heroes, and mechs, which provide bonuses used to strengthen the players’ fortresses. The selection at Bybit NFT Marketplace is going to be important as the marketplace, being part of one of the best exchanges worldwide, has a particular reputation for hosting only valuable NFT’s in general. Successful projects like Kishu, Time travelers club, BAYC and others were part of NFT offerings at Bybit NFT Marketplace earlier.  The NFTs available on the platform include digital art, collectibles, those of GameFi and the metaverse, and more. This popular NFT marketplace is one of the top cryptocurrency exchanges used by over six million registered users worldwide.

For a better understanding of NFT, Non-fungible tokens (NFTs) are unique digital files which are impossible to replicate. Each NFT contains computerized code and is cryptographically verified to substantiate the ownership of music, art, licensing or even real estate assets, whether digital or physical. 

Since NFTs are built on smart contracts using an underlying blockchain protocol such as Ethereum, Solana or Polygon, it’s possible to distinguish the provenance of assets, democratize identity management and fractionalize ownership among multiple owners. 

Unlike NFTs, fungible tokens (such as fiat currency or bitcoins) are indistinguishable, meaning one can be exchanged for another.

The NFT craze has begun a heightened crescendo, creating a whole new digital economy for cryptocurrency believers with the rise ofdecentralized social Metaverse, Fan tokens, Decentralized gaming platform, Virtual Marketplace and many other new things. This digital economy is fueled by the existence of vibrant marketplaces for the trading of NFTs. These marketplaces have collectively accounted for sales worth over $1.2 billion in just a handful of years.

As more content creators are leaving the traditional venues of art exhibitions, NFT marketplaces are probably bound to experience a boom in both volume of sales and number of users. The marketplace is currently seeking to improve the Virtual experience, Creator economy and decentralizes social metaverse experience for all users while changing the Play-To-Earn experience for all gaming enthusiasts.

Note:  “Crypto products and [non-fungible tokens] are unregulated and can be highly risky. There may be no regulatory recourse for any loss from such transactions.

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