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“Himalayan Siddhaa Akshar shares wisdom on Life as a Yogi – insights on spirituality and finding inner peace”



To begin with, only those who seek to become Yogis or Yoginis will gain the true and authentic knowledge of Yoga. Yoga is the subject of freedom. To become a yogi is to achieve liberation. Himalayan Siddhaa Akshar believes that a yogi follows no religion except for the faith of yoga. Once begun, the journey of yoga is a cleansing process that goes on for a lifetime. This purification of the body, mind and senses comes from the pursuit of divine knowledge, 

Pursue knowledge 

Knowledge is all powerful and the most useful weapon to wield, especially against ignorance. Some learn valuable lessons from their own life experiences whether good or bad, while others learn by witnessing the experiences of others. It is important to read and study that which gives you many perspectives. Knowledge then becomes your Guru and gradually inches you towards growth and your goals.  Knowledge is anything which is expanded and expandable. By following the Guru, one is directed to the divine light and achieves liberation. 

Mind what you eat

Spirituality is about compassion when you are a friend of all animals great and small. You love nature and feel an immense sense of peace spending time surrounded by greenery? Then you are exhibiting signs of being spiritual. This is why most spiritual people tend to eliminate meat from their diets. Make sure that you also add vitamins minerals proteins and carbohydrates to your food with intelligence.  Do not include any of food items that may cause harm to you.  Some examples include extremely spicy or very oily food.  Consume items which provide you with bodily strength mental happiness.  Include items like milk curd yoghurt and clarified butter along with the local food in your diet.  To make your life powerful you must begin to pay attention to the food that you consume.  Make the decision to minimize your consumption in the quantity of sugar you include in your diet, and eliminate sugary drinks no matter how tempting they might seem. Whether sugar-sweetened beverages, sugary sodas, fruit juices or high-sugar sports drinks are a strict no-no. Replace this with whole fruit instead which is extremely healthy and adds fibre to your system. Protein is known to boost your metabolism reducing hunger pangs. With the right kind of diet, lifestyle, healthy sleep patterns and exercise, you can optimise the potential of the body. 

Work on discipline

The first thing that we need in order to even approach a goal is a sense of discipline. Without the prerequisite of discipline we may not sustain in our pursuit of achieving success in any area of our lives. There is a very famous saying that goes where there is a will there is a way. This goes to show that the power of the will that can make anything attainable and even the most difficult goal can become ours with a little bit of determination.

Build Focus

After the foundation of discipline, the second most important quality that we need is focus. Without the ability to focus on any one task for a long duration we will become easily distracted and forget all about it. With discipline comes focus, and focus results in sustained efforts. We need to do a consistent amount of work in order to achieve our dreams or goals. Try to figure out how you can increase your capacity. If your focus is on your physical body, then build your physical capacity accordingly. Or if you are interested in understanding the powers of your mind, or in the subjects that are related to the mind, then you must prepare your mental capacity accordingly. If it is spirituality that you seek, then you must work on your spiritual capacity, and how you can receive more of it. This is because, as long as you do not become a container to receive energies, you will not be able to absorb any information or knowledge.

Remain Positive

Once we have established a strong routine guided by discipline and focus the next important element that we need is a sense of optimism. If we do not possess the quality of faith within us it will be next to impossible to remain hopeful or optimistic about the achievement of the target. Building a strong sense of optimism propels us ahead in the direction of our dreams and supports the work that we put in.

Yogic Practices

You can take the help of many practices from yoga in terms of asanas, and meditation techniques. These will help you build a strong will and improve your chances of success. Yoga is an ancient tool designed for the well-being of mankind and it impacts all aspects of our being whether it is the body, mind and spirit. The ancient science of yoga can bring about guaranteed transformation in your life. Through asanas, pranayama or meditation, yoga changes your lifestyle, adding better habits and a positive outlook. 

Say no toxic substances

Yoga even has the power to change our genetic make-up. If you are addicted to sugar or any substance whether it is tobacco, nicotine, caffeine, alcohol etc; then start including the practice of meditation in your routine. If you want to regulate your life then it is necessary for you to develop habits that are healthy in nature. Avoid harmful and toxic addictions and behaviour that can deter your progress. Instead of this try to choose wisely how you want to spend your valuable and precious time. By building healthy habits you can grow faster and reach your desired goals.

Grow love

The objective of spirituality as well as religion is to promote the quality of love between people and nature that surrounds us. The emotion of love is the highest emotion and only through love will we be able to achieve greatness in this life. Love is the only pure emotion that can help to raise the vibration of mankind and help us move to a higher dimension.

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