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How A Man Built It From The Scratch



All it takes is a little courage and a lot of hard work to change your dreams into reality.

These are the lines that are well defined by Chaitanya Kandoi, the man behind the rising startup, SuprFam.

It is truly established that some people are just built differently. They are surrounded by the air of uniqueness and even a little notoriousness, to say the least. But to say that they have it easy would be an unfair statement.

Chaitanya was always the rebellious kid in the town of Kolkata. He had a decent childhood but always thought of himself to be the never-fitting piece of a jigsaw puzzle. When he was in 12th standard, he got selected in a cricket team. Happiness knew no bounds for him as he decided to go to London and follow his passion of playing cricket. But as every success story has its own chapters of failures and despair, so does this one. 12th being the board year, which is considered as the deciding year for any kid, his parents did not send him to London. This is where everything began in its true senses for Chaitanya. Being the rebellious kid that he was, he put up a fight with his parents which soon turned towards a different subject altogether. London couldn’t happen, but now he had to convince his parents for something else. His board year was over and he decided to move out of his hometown to carve his own path of experiences. As usual, his parents were reluctant to send him away but soon they had to cave into his persistence. Chaitanya, from there went to pursue law in Amity University, Noida. The sudden shift of culture, environment, and freedom gave air to the passionate side of this young man hailing from Kolkata. Perhaps it was bound to happen, perhaps had it not been the case, Chaitanya Kandoi would have never stepped out of his comfort zone to establish Suprfam. But, while pursuing law, he suffered through Substance Use Disorder. This was a massive blow to his studies and his career that was yet to begin. His parents got him back to Kolkata, and this is where his real test and suffering began.  As it is said, nothing comes for free. Slowly but steadily, Chaitanya got hold of his life. His indefatigable nature, curious mind, and strong will yearned for more. Soon, he fought his demons and laid the foundation of a promising future by working as one of the founding members of TagMango.

Further, as TagMango shifted its base to Mumbai, it was time for Chaitanya to fight with his parents again. He had to manage his job as well as College. 

Life tests the tough ones, doesn’t it? Soon after, COVID happened and he had to come back to his hometown. Now, little did he know that a new trouble was waiting for him.

COVID had all of us fight our own battles. In Chaitanya’s case, it was his addiction towards Poker. Although he had already lost major capital in Poker, but as fate has it, this became a blessing in disguise for him. Known for his work in the B2C marketing area, clients reached out to Chaitanya to host a business campaign. This worked as a light bulb idea for him and in the middle of the night, and rather than doing it as an individual, he wanted to do it as a branded entity; which, with the help of his friend, resulted in the birth of Efluence. Soon, Chaitanya left TagMango and got behind to make his dream come true in the guise of this startup. He worked day and night, strategizing and implementing business ideas that he learnt in his experience.

Not long after, Efluence became SuprFam and the company took off, generating an annual revenue of over 1 Million dollars, with a huge clientele like Netflix, Canva, MI, Spotify, Groww, CoinDcx, Coinswitch, Hotstar, Derma co and so on by relentlessly helping them to network and earn through the communities on SuprFam.

Hurdles are a part of life, you just need to take a deep breath and move forward. Chaitanya Kandoi has conveyed exactly this through his moving story.

This is a true depiction of the fact that no matter what happens if you are persistent enough, you will always achieve your goals. Chaitanya wants the readers to learn through this article that no matter how many failures you face, just be persistent and see yourself climbing the ladder of success.

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