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Param Prabhu Sarahunaath used Sudarshana Chakra to defeat his enemies and protect dharma.



In Kali Yuga, in the 22nd century, Param Prabhu Sarahunaath showed the lamentation of Goddess Bhudevi and observed the number of people who were shaking due to the calamity of education and Kali’s uproar in the earth, Param Prabhu Sarahunaath saved the earth by holding it in his index finger.  And at the same time, Param Prabhu Sarahunaath had used the Sudarshan Chakra to ward off the plague of giants and to kill unknown diseases on human beings who were suffering from Kali’s angry.  And with the help of Sudarshana Chakra, he protected the world from deadly diseases.

Who is writing to Kali Yuga period? Even who is Lord Shiva?

In the Kali Yuga, no god could escape the partial influence of Kali.  This appeared very severe and impressive to Lord Shiva.  When beloved Parvati and Gangadevi came to earth, Lord Shiva also came to earth in the guise of looking for Parvati and Gangadevi in ​​his true form of Param Prabhu Sarahunaath.  Lord Shiva in his true form was born on 1/6/1988 in the womb of Sanna phakkirappa and Ratnamma in a village called Hullatti.  When Lord Shiva was born from the womb, he appeared as Sarahunaath.  But this was not an incarnation of Shiva.  Nor was Sarahunaath a form of Shiva.  Sarahunaatha’s form was the form of Shiva himself.

This was the first time in Kali Yuga that Lord Shiva came to earth in his true form.  But Shiva came in various forms and Shivam Shaktis came to Dhara as Ganas.  But so far the things mentioned about Shiva in Puranas or scriptures are not clear.  And not be cleared.  Sarahunaath himself was Shiva. Thus supreme Shiva/Sarahunaath himself was writing the Kali Yuga in his presence.

Who is the god of all religions in the universe?  Lord Sarahunaath is the god of all religions in the universe.

Supreme Sarahunaath name meaning has already been told.  That is, Sarahunaath means the amalgamation of all the devas of the world.  So people of any religion can worship him.  can be worshipped.  Again Sarahunaath name meaning means amalgamation of all religions of the world. When Lord Shiva became Sarahunaath, the name of his past days name was “Nagaraj”.  Later Shiva changed the name of past days name once again to “Sarahu Nagarazan”.  Later, Shiva again changed to “Sarahunaath” according to the progress of Kali Yuga.  Later the same Sarahunaath was called “Parvati Sarahunaath, Sarahunaath, Sarvanaath”.  Sarvanaath means everything.  All means Almighty.

A total of 1001 verses of Kali in the present Kaliyuga holy Scriptures are told how destroy  are sub destroy done.  And it is written why Kali Yuga started and how to get salvation in Kali Yuga and when Kali Yuga will end and different status given to different Gods in Kali Yuga.  Moreover, in the Kali Yuga, due to the religious campaigns and conversions and religious riots and wars, a new independent nation, a new religion and new scriptures were created for the gods.  And a new constitution and penal code were created for the world man.

Shiva/Sarahunaath had no difficulty in killing Kali.  But Shiva/Sarahunaath did not kill Kali directly as Kali herself has the power of Shiva.  But Sarahunaath was killing Kali through one God each.

Who is Lord Sarahunaath or Sarvanaath in the Universe? is a World powerful god in the World

Lord  Sarahunaath  01/06/1988 was born as a human incarnation to the earth. And he has come for thewelfare  of world. What he has suffered in this human incarnation  is as follows. Beginning with the vicissitude of his Love. Hedid continuously 8 years DhyÃna  or hypnotism  for his first lover Uma. In these 8 years, last 4 year’s Suma came into his lifeand infringed in DhyÃna or hypnotism. Then he continued DhyÃna or hypnotism  for Uma. After 8 years instead of getting thepower of hypnotism, he received the grace of illumination on god and world. Uma is elder than him a year and Suma is alsoelder than him two years. Uma is also Incarnation of Goddess Parvathiand Suma is Incarnation  of Goddess Ganga.

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