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“Digital Mani saves 100s of startups from failure with its innovative solutions & expert tech support.”



Digital Mani is a digital marketing Expert from Tamil Nadu and entrepreneur who has been working in the industry for more than 7 years. His career started as full-time digital marketing consultant before starting his own business. He has been leading startups to success by providing them with digital marketing services since 2015 and built his own company Tamil Branders and worked with brands like Aaradyaa Gold, Best Money Gold, Officers IAS Academy etc 

Digital Mani joined hands as digital marketing Expert for small and medium enterprises (SMEs) who are looking to leverage on digital media.

Digital Mani helped many small and medium enterprises (SMEs) who are looking to leverage on digital media by training the small business owners to run their own campaigns successfully. He believes that when owners or founders of small businesses are given the right knowledge about digital marketing, their business will not fail. No one can run a campaign better than its founder themselves.

Digital Mani helps SMEs in Tamil Nadu to increase their online presence, increase engagement and drive sales through his expertise in creating engaging content, developing landing pages & web forms, optimizing SEO strategies, building marketing funnels, etc.

He has worked with many startups who were facing challenges in terms of generating high quality leads, creating high quality content for their websites or social media accounts that is shareable across all platforms like Facebook, Twitter etc., so he came up with an effective solution – “Tamil Branders”. He is also the brain behind the success of his own Digital Marketing Company and he guided many startups from the scratch to build their brand. 

He has worked for brands like Aaradyaa Gold, Best Money Gold, Officers IAS Academy, Muthalagu Finance, BMG Houseboat and many more. He has helped save more than 100 startups from failing and help them make millions of money.

90% of STARTUPS FAILED to survive in this DIGITAL ERA. Only solution is teaching the startup owners on how to cope with the new digital marketing trends. He is on a mission to reduce the FAILURE PERCENTAGE of the startups.

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