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How is Eazy Services Protecting the Environment with Waterless Car Wash?



Caring for the environment is not a matter of choice anymore. It is a necessity. We all need to do our bit to protect the environment for future generations. Water is a resource that is getting alarmingly scarce, especially in countries like India. Most of our daily activities need water, and some need excessive water. One such task is washing our cars. Whether you are doing it in your garage or at a car wash, getting your car sparkling clean does have a tremendous impact on the environment. Thankfully, companies like Eazy Services are bringing an innovative solution to that problem with a waterless car wash. Let us look at how their waterless car service protects the environment.

It is Saving Water – Washing a standard car takes up around 20 US gallons or about 75 litres of water. Since the water is mixed with soap, grime, and dirt, not much of it can be recycled. By introducing a waterless car wash, Eazy Services is eliminating the issue of water wastage. They use special cleaning chemicals that suck out all the dirt and grime from the exterior and the interior of the water without needing even a fraction of the water required in a typical ‘wet’ car wash.

It is Protecting the Waterbodies – Most car washes in India don’t have much water treatment system. At the same time, to make cleaning more effective, they often use strong chemicals, detergents, and soap that are hazardous to the environment. Since they don’t treat the water, all that dirty water, filled with harmful chemicals, makes its way to the lakes and water bodies. This kills marine life and severely pollutes the water, making it hard to be filtered to purity. Eazy Services don’t use harmful chemicals or water; such risks are easily averted.

Vinay Shukla, Founder of Eazyservices, says “This is a just a small step in saving the environment. Currently, we are trying to make more and more people understand how a small step from them can make a huge difference to the atmosphere.” He adds,” At Eazyservices, our priority to ensure all our clients get a clean shiny car after every service, plus to ensure the colour of the car is protected in long run. Hence, we avoid usage of any harsh chemicals or strong shampoos. All our products are appropriately certified and approved by OEMs.”

This environmentally responsible way of washing cars has found quite a few takers. Eazy Services currently operates in Hyderabad, and according to its team, they cater to a growing number of customers daily. Here’s hoping that more customers will switch to the waterless car wash, thereby doing their bit to protect Mother Nature.

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