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How to Become a Fast Reader: Tips and Tricks for Speedy Reading



Sanjay Lunia

In today’s fast-paced world, being a fast reader can be a valuable skill that opens up new doors for personal and professional growth. Whether you’re a student trying to breeze through textbooks or a professional looking to digest more information in less time, improving your reading speed can be a game-changer. In this article, we will explore effective techniques on how to become a fast reader, with insights from Sanjay Lunia, the Managing Director of EnGame Private Limited, a well-known ghostwriter with over 15 bestsellers under his belt.

1. Cut the Inner Monologue 🗣️

One of the most common barriers to fast reading is the inner monologue – that little voice inside your head that reads each word aloud. Sanjay Lunia, with his extensive experience in reading and ghostwriting, emphasizes the importance of breaking this habit. “Most people don’t even realize they’re doing it,” he says. “We learned to read by sounding out each word as children, and this habit persists into adulthood. But it’s slow and unnecessary.”

To become a fast reader, start by consciously trying to turn off your inner monologue. You don’t need to vocalize every word in your mind; your eyes can move faster than that inner voice. It may feel strange at first, but with practice, you’ll notice a significant increase in your reading speed.

2. Read with Your Finger 📖

Using your finger as a guide might seem like a child’s technique, but it’s surprisingly effective for adults as well. Sanjay Lunia explains the science behind it. “Our eyes naturally jump around when we read, making it challenging to maintain focus on each line of text. By using your finger to trace the words as you read, you give your eyes a stable point to follow, which can help increase reading speed.”

This technique can be applied to various reading materials, whether it’s a physical book, an e-book, or even a digital document on a screen. While it might feel a bit unconventional, the results can be quite remarkable.

3. Stop Reading Unenjoyable Books ❌

Sanjay Lunia, who has ghostwritten numerous bestselling books across diverse genres, advises against forcing yourself to read books that don’t capture your interest. “Many people have this notion that once they start a book, they must finish every single page, no matter how unenjoyable it becomes,” he says. “But that’s a counterproductive approach.”

If you want to become a fast reader and maintain your enthusiasm for reading, don’t hesitate to put down books that fail to engage you. Skip boring sections and focus on books that genuinely pique your curiosity. This selective reading approach not only saves time but also ensures that your reading experience remains enjoyable.

4. Schedule Reading Time 📅

Finding time to read amidst our busy schedules can be challenging, but it’s crucial for those looking to become fast readers. Sanjay Lunia, who manages his time effectively as the Managing Director of EnGame Private Limited and a prolific ghostwriter, believes that scheduling reading time is essential. “Reading is one of the most portable hobbies you can have,” he says. “You can do it during commutes, lunch breaks, or even while exercising.”

Even without making any significant changes to your routine, you can likely find at least 30 minutes a day for reading. By dedicating this time consistently, you can make substantial progress in becoming a faster reader.

5. Read Multiple Books Simultaneously 📚

Contrary to the belief that reading multiple books at once is overwhelming, it can actually enhance your reading speed and enjoyment. Sanjay Lunia has employed this technique throughout his career as a ghostwriter, where he juggles multiple projects simultaneously. “Reading more than one book at a time keeps your interest fresh,” he explains. “When you get tired of one book, you can switch to another, making the reading process more dynamic.”

Lunia suggests categorizing your books into different genres or types to prevent confusion. For instance, you can read a challenging technical book alongside a light novel or a biography. This way, you’ll have options based on your mood and level of engagement.

In conclusion, becoming a fast reader is a valuable skill that can save you time and expand your knowledge base. By following these tips and insights from Sanjay Lunia, the Managing Director of EnGame Private Limited and an accomplished ghostwriter, you can enhance your reading speed and make reading a more enjoyable and efficient part of your life. So, cut that inner monologue, read with your finger, prioritize enjoyable books, schedule reading time, and embrace the idea of reading multiple books simultaneously to unlock your full reading potential. Happy reading!

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