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Hypnotizing Universe A Book By Aditi Sidhu.




About the book – 

Hypnotising universe, is based on a universe secret law which might everyone knows but the correct way to use was never revealed; in this all the strategies to bring universe into you and hypnotising the world is mentioned just by mind games. How quantum field and cosmic energy works to get your dreams and desires come through is revealed. This book is for everyone who wants to awaken their spiritual power and supernatural power to have big achievements in their life. This is to awaken the self motivation in a human’s body and to put a mind in subconscious state where the cosmic energies frequency and vibrations are at peak. The youth who is finding a way to live freely and happy out of their worries and depression they must read this because in this I have all the secrets of billionaires who engraved their golden name in history. This truth book can give you wonderful results which may be astonishing for you once. Here it Is mentioned how to get the signals from the universe, the universe is trying to talk to us and finding a conversation source to connect with us but we are ignoring is busy world all who are rich they know this trick how to hypnotise this world therefore you can do it, you can be another billionaire. Basically this book is just to make you rich by your mind games it will help you a lot in your struggle journey to stay positive and calm. The best part of this book is it will connect you to the divine soul where you can communicate all your problems and get your work done easily. In this there is this secret of 17 second technique which is related to law of attraction but there is a different we to use this which will be very easy for everyone to understand and there is a road map which will attain your attention and force you to follow that rules you will also not stop to try. It is very interesting book and much useful which will give you right path and will counsel your mind. 

 About the author –

Aditi Sidhu was born in Hoshiarpur, Punjab on 25th July 2002. She is certified in English speaking mastery, digital marketing strategy and social media mastery from one of Delhi’s affiliated company. She has experience in marketing when she was just 18. Later on she started focusing on her writings and  currently working on self-healing and helping others to stay positive and focused and wrote her first book at the age of 20 ‘hypnotising universe’. At her early ages she lost her self-confidence and faced lots of problems like abuse , rejection , insults and also dumbed by many friends, but later she struggled to get out of it by staying positive and spending most of her time with herself. Then she started working online when she was 18, she wants to be financially independent she worked a lot day and night but still got rejections and was bullied but her positive attitude overcome her depression and anxiety which now resultant her massive success and more to go ahead. Her mantra is to be  consistent and happy.



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