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Impressed eventz” Pioneering in using technology to take the wedding photography one step closer to their clients



Are you having problem in selecting photos for album? 

Do you feel there’s always a  delay in delivery of deliverables? 

Having a problem sharing the photos after the wedding to your friends and family? 

We heard you! 

We are bridging the gap between client and photographer. We are revolutionising wedding photography. Impressed eventz is now launching its very own android app available in google play store. 

What speciality does this app hold? 

Once the event is done within 24 hours all the pictures of your wedding or event would be uploaded in the app. And you can share this to your friends, relatives and acquaintances who attended the function. Album selection can be done in minutes. Right swiped photo is a selected one and left swiped photo is rejected one. So you can easily select all your photos for album. 

Client is our king

We want them to try this and have an amazing user experience. We will be soon available in ios appstore.

About Rohith Rj Kumar

Rohith Rj Kumar is our lead wedding photographer and wedding videographer. He’s been behind the lens for six years and if there’s one that he learnt from it, it would be the fact that there can never be a day in any photographer’s life where they can sit back and say that they have seen everything.Everyday has always been an adventure which pushes you into an addiction to seek more of it.

What he says about him?

Like every other youngster in the country engineering helped me realise what i really want out of my life and one small camera turned my life upside down and in this process i’ve ventured everything i always wanted to try right from starting my own event management company, wedding photography, business development and branding. I found the purpose of my life when i was able to capture moments with the on point emotions behind it and i believe i have always did my justice to it. And if you believe in turning those emotional moments into memories i am always up for the hire. I also believe that there is no end when it comes to mastering the art of learning and if there is a shortcut to it, it would be working with someone who is working towards the same goal as yours, So i am always open for shoot.

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