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Thriving Indian Astrology Startup: A Bootstrapped Success



India Panchkula City Based Astrology and Spiritual Startup Suvich was Launched in February 2021 founded by two friends, Mr . Sumit Chawla, CEO, and Vishal Dhiman, Co-founder.

Sumit Chawla and Vishal Dhiman were already running their own IT company that provides IT services to International and Indian Clients.

It all started in lockdown when we found that People get frightened of No JOBS, NO Future,

Worrying about their finances, children’s future, and so many other problems, we found that Spiritually connected people are faceless in terms of seeing life.

During a lockdown, I planned to launch this Startup with 2 Android Developers + 1 Backend Developer. Vishal started developing applications, whereas Sumit Chawla started hiring Astrologers and creating content on Social media. Before launching an application, we employed around 100 + Astrologers in 2021 and 20k + followers on all social media platforms.

Currently, we have more than 1000+ Verified Astrologers from pan India and overseas.

We almost served more than 200k plus orders successfully. We collectively have more than 100k followers on all social media platforms, with 250k plus android app installs in 20 months. We are serving more than 2k customers daily with a high repeat rate.

Monthly revenue grew by 4X in 2022 compared to the previous FY. 

Problems we faced in the platform, like hiring the best and most experienced astrologers, so many customers complained about different predictions with different astrologers. However, with time, experience and mistakes, we found a way to onboard the Best Astrologer for Customers. 

Hired Astrologers from different Fields Healers, Vedic Astrologers, Palm Reader, Reiki Healing, Tarot Card Reader, Mental health Healers, Yoga Experts

The demand for Astrology Services

Astrology is a $40 Billion Industry and getting very popular.

Astrology is a science of knowledge about the future. Astrologers can tell you about your past, present and future by analyzing the planetary positions in your horoscope. Astrology is also helpful for those who want to know their future love life or how they will be affected by certain events in their life. The astrology service will also help you understand why things are happening as they are. It will give you an idea about what to expect from life and how to deal with it properly. Many customers come only to share their day-to-day life because it motivates them to do more and makes them feels that they are not alone.

The demand for Astrology services is more in the youth of the country because of true predictions. People interested in astrology want to know about their future and how they can succeed in their life. They also want to know how they can overcome all kinds of problems that are coming in their life. So, they need to have a consultation with an expert astrologer so that they will be able to give them proper guidance and advice on what needs to be done for a better future. Many people very much need this kind of service.

43% Indians suffering from depression: Study

The platform not only connects Users to Astrologers or Spiritual Gurus, but it also provides a way for users to explain their inner feelings without getting judged after the lockdown 43% hike in depression in India. It all starts with stress, and high amounts of stress lead to depression.

Many of our Gurus and Astrologers have experience in how to control stress and how we can reduce it timely. Many people didn’t take it seriously, but by the time they felt how much, they grabbed themselves in loneliness and stress, which also led to panic attacks. We believe that #youcanshare is also a trend; it adds value to your customer life. Not any service is more important than your health. Suppose you change the customer’s life and provide a better solution to how to live. I think it’s a great product for you and your customers.

Our Mission is to serve as much as we can by application, website, Offline medium, and Social Media to give our customers a happy and successful life.

Our Vision is to Serve more than 25k Customer Daily and grow by 20X in the next Financial Year with more than 5 Million Downloads.

We Will increase the Astrologer count by 1000 + 

Will try to put a smile on people’s face as much as we can 

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