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DUBAI: The story & dreams of Mr. Sajid Thekkeykunnath, an engineer by profession & an entrepreneur by passion is impressively interesting & inspiring. He is too busy running for an ambitious & prestigious mission with an innovative cause entirely different from his domain of expertise. And now the global dream of a locally evolved brand is becoming absolutely true with its international launch in the very vibrant UAE market. 

Soon after completing B.Tech Sajid started his career as a Mechanical Engineer in Gulf and has no family business background to boost for actual. We all love, care and want our family, friends-and all fellow mates to be healthy and peaceful. Sajid is no different, he too always wanted to express his love to his family and country. The expatriate life went really well, but the alarming situation of his diabetic ailing friends & parents at home bothered him very much. The thought that ‘food should heal’ rather than taking pills echoed in him and he started exploring. His curious investigation for a substance to replace processed sugar, which is known to be a key factor in diabetics came to an end with findings that in India, not only wheat & rice are growing abundantly but also the magical medicinal plant ‘Stevia (Madhura Thulasi)’. He couldn’t resist his eagerness to know more about the plant and its authenticity. He explored further and learns that not only Stevia but India is home to many natural healing power products.

Using the knowledge gained from his extensive research he identified their market opportunities. The Sugar which is available in the local market puts us at risk of obesity, diabetes, heart diseases, depression, etc. Whereas pure stevia sugar will not only be an alternative for the negative effects of sugar but also will help to lead a healthier lifestyle. Realising the increasing demand in the market and necessity of launching, without any further delay he resigned bravely from his job overseas and triggered his breakthrough start-up in the motherland in 2018. The name ‘Ecoheal’ with an underlined tagline ‘Food Heals’ reflected his noble mission with a cause.

Yes, inspired & powered by nature, Ecoheal is all about taking us back to nature and helping us connect with it for a better life & future. Diabetes, cholesterol, obesity and other lifestyle disorders have become rampant in today’s society. This is mainly caused by the inappropriate daily habits of people and an unconventional relationship with their environment. “At Ecoheal, we believe that nature has all the answers and remedies to live a happy and healthy lifestyle. And that’s why we are here to bring the healing properties and health benefits contained in pure and naturally grown wonders” says Sajid with his signature aplomb smile.

Ecoheal Stevia with its unique branded soothing packaging, is available not only as dried leaves but as fine powder & liquid drops too. That too in various quantities even as ‘Sachets ‘with no compromise on quality. Other similar products are also available now under Ecoheal brand like Virgin Coconut Oil, Arrowroot Powder, Different Honeys, etc. With many more interesting products & plans in the immediate pipeline, Sajid’s growth graph as a serial social entrepreneur is going to be quite impressive. Sajid is now even planning to start a 100 hectares Stevia plantation in Kerala.

The product is approved by the US Food and Drug Administration, European Food Safety Authority and FSSAI. Despite the lack of competition in the market, the lack of awareness among the people about such products is a challenging factor for business growth. If the online market is used wisely, significant profit can be achieved. “Coming generation is going to be more wellness & health conscious. Ecoheal is the best choice to fill this gap now & in future” Sajid says.

The product is finding its demand in many regular families, local bakeries, tea shops and various supermarket chains. Beyond the border, it sells well through online stores such as Amazon, Flipkart, Meesho and also through Ecoheal website. It is also traded through medical shops and distributors at affordable prices. “The touching testimonials are driving me further forward. We noticed that even Indian expatriates are carrying it outside the country after vacations. And this prompted it to expand by supplying to buyers internationally” says Sajid. He is seeking more global connectivity now with the help of his satisfied customers and their business connections.

Yes, a simple sugar substitute mission is now a game-changing & trend-setting mission. “All accolades to nature’s own super healing power. Let’s bid Adieu to sugar. RIP to sugar” Sajid laughs.

To know more about Sajid & Ecoheal: www.ecoheal.inTo shop from Amazon UAE:

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