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Integrated Marketing: 10 Lessons to Learn 



Integrated marketing is an approach to reaching a broad audience by aligning various marketing approaches. It includes communication tactics used to promote and reach out to consumers. Some of these tactics include CTAs, email marketing, digital marketing, social media marketing, advertising, direct page marketing, landing pages, etc. 

Let’s dive further into the world of integrated marketing. Integrated marketing is a channel of continuous promotion of a brand, campaign, or strategy. For example, by listening to the word “Hungry?” if the next thing in one’s mind automatedly plays “Grab a Snickers!”, then the purpose of integrated marketing is successful. It generates a vicious loop of advertising constantly appearing before customers. This persuades them to get involved with the marketing campaign. 

Know the ropes of Integrated Marketing

Integrated marketing is an efficient method to build customer loyalty and generate support for marketing campaigns. Being a successful ideology, it provides several lessons to succeed in the marketing world. 

  • Focus on the Emotional Quotient

Provide the customers with easy and handy solutions, that align with their needs. One must consider, ‘what he, as a customer, will act like when he goes through the campaign’. 

  • Use All the Resources 

With integrated marketing, it becomes necessary to incorporate various social media marketing channels. Since the campaign’s promotion is a must, one should use adaptive, eye-catching slogans and methods. They should complement the campaign on social media channels like Youtube, Facebook, Instagram, etc. 

  • Brainstorm Compelling Ideas

Tailor a short yet crisp story to draw attention. To compel the customers to buy a product, a story and a motive that connects to them are essential. 

  • Track the Performance 

Always know the ‘ifs and buts’ of the campaign. One should know how the campaign will perform in the market. To ensure this, one must always track the marketing campaign’s performance. 

  • Include the Uniqueness of the Brand 

What makes a product unique? Why should customers connect with the campaign? Include the USP of the brand in the marketing solutions. To promote a campaign either through digital marketing or social media marketing, one needs to integrate the brand’s objective and unique selling point. This helps carve an ultimate image of the brand in the viewer’s mind. 

  • Transparency is Key

One can use any means to market a product campaign, even if it is the product’s limitations. Make the product’s flaws transparent; this will build trust and the brand’s credibility. 

  • Play with Words 

Use catchy slogans and rhyming words throughout the marketing channels. If seen constantly, such terms stick to the customer’s mind and compel them, to think about the product. 

  • Visual Storytelling

Use GIFs, short videos, and even memes in the branding strategies. These are some short yet effective measures to promote any marketing campaign. 

  • Practice Maximisation Within Limits

While constructing a brand campaign, try to incorporate the maximum within a certain budget. Give the client maximum exposure concerning their pocket. 

  • Let the Employees Speak

Last but not least, one can always give this measure a shot: Feature the brand’s employees in the campaign. This can help deliver a message of trust and respect among the masses. 

Let’s Pull the Plug!

Integrated marketing is a steady yet effective method to connect with customers. One can either practice different integrated marketing methods or lend this job to an advertising agency. The advertising agency will take care of branding, social media marketing, and other marketing solutions

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