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Hammadx1: Founder of X1 Studios International



One of the youngest and finest actor model and influencers Of Hyderabad, the city of nizams. The Boy who started his career with nothing To something. Hammadx1, it’s been a wonderful journey from making videos from 2 megapixels to doing a 70mm Hyderabadi movie FM2.

He made a debut in the Bollywood industry with his single album song brown Baal. Inspiring youth is his main motive. 

After facing lots of hate and troll, He got that turned into love through his simplicity and nature. He doesn’t call them fans. There is a word called  x1forever, which means family.

And really, we have seen it. They are few, but they are as powerful as huge fandom. 

What makes him special,

The way he carries himself, 

The way he talks,

The way he does his magic works, 

Makes him very special to others.

Hammadx1 is the youngest producer in India. He also loves to write. Here are a few lines of him Mai Jaha the which rahunga aye dost Par Tujhe lagega may Badshah Bann Gaya hoon 

Picture abhi baakhi hai mere dost jalo mat barabari karo…..He is just living his dreams. 

So why not we? Now let’s get back to the flashback. He used to make videos from Samsung galaxy tab two, where he didn’t know how to edit what to do on YouTube. 

But his passion made him do everything at a very young age 

From starting making a video at home roads, Now making videos on sets of megastars. It is a big thing for a boy who has seen a lot of struggle; Now, you  may think the struggle is over 

No no! It’s just a start for Hammadx1.

He is just a few steps away from big hits. His fans want him to do a movie with the one and only shah rukh khan And which is his dream, too Hammad said in an interview he is looking forward to many big opportunities. 

One of them is the big boss. He just said to us that he really wants to enter the Big boss show And take his career to a peak point. Not only big boss, He said Kapil Sharma’s show, Koffee with Karan, AAP ki Adalat, Last but not least,

He told us that he had seen many ups and downs, Which made him a polished stone Heere ki Parikh bahut Kamm logo ko hoti hai Toh main Ek Heera hoon Koyale  ki khan se Aaya hoon 

Mujhe jitna chamkaaoge utna chamakta rahunga Mere tutne p inki khawaish hogi puri Sahi kehte hai mai sitara bann gaya hoon.

Ek khadam bada khushi k tarah ek khadam bada zindagi k taraf kehne wale chup hojainge bss tu dekh mat kisi k taraf jis raah mai manzil dikhe tu badh ta jaa uss he k taraf ek khadam bada khushi k taraf ek khadam bada zindagii k taraf 

Shukriya aap sab ka pyaara  hammadx1 

Karega taraqqi putt te hate milugi…..

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