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Investor’s Summit  July 2022 by Sigma Consultants, a financial services platform




On July 26 and 27, 2022, Sigma Consultants organised the Investor Summit.. Leading investors and entrepreneurs from all across INDIA were invited to the summit, which developed into a two-day gathering of thought-provoking discussions, seminars, and business meetings.

The two-day conference was a success and it brought together the appropriate entrepreneurs and investors. Mr Shrinivas and Mr Narayan kuda and Mrs Jyoti soni, three of our most recognized and affluent investors, were present at the summit. Entrepreneurs from across India participated in the conference under one roof and with the same idea of bringing change to the business world, displaying their remarkable Indian uniqueness.

According to Mrs Meenakshi Srivastava, Executive Director at Sigma Consultants , Sigma experts secured a fundraising round of approximately 28 crores at the conference.

This event offered investors from India a venue to connect and network with the many founders in the startup ecosystem, such as academicians and researchers, startup founders, government and industry executives and policymakers, professionals, etc. The summit was widely dominated by sustainability and tech startups, such as Ampacity by Mr Aamir, a self-driven entrepreneur working towards achieving and spreading renewable energy sources through his clean energy solutions.

Sigma is proud to cater to and guide these startups and make the founders capable of raising funds on their merits by constantly Mentoring and directing them towards success. 

The Sigma Consultants are very proud to welcome each and every one of our customers into the Sigma family because they connect with us and have total trust in the job we do.

During this summit, 21 entrepreneurs working on socially innovative financial technology companies had the opportunity to network with and pitch to investors. Each firm has presented its business plan to potential investors. 


We provide businesses of all sizes and industries with first-rate investment banking & financial services. We offer a range of options as per the need and demand to the clients from various sectors and domains.. We provide them with end to end

financial solutions and advisory services & to achieve their objectives through viable strategies and maximum ROI on investments.

Sigma Consultants is eager to share news of another excellent investors’ meeting! We once again fulfilled our promises to our devoted customers, who put their hopes and aspirations in our capable hands. “ Startups are always more of a passion for me than a hustle. According to Mr. Abhishek Sharma, Director of Strategy and Business Control at Sigma Consultants, “Here at Sigma, we applaud passion and are always working on and with our clients to offer a Fundraising platform for their startup.”

Meet one of the most trustworthy advising firms, SIGMA CONSULTANTS, as they explore the world of options and possibilities. They provide a broad range of professional fundraising services, including project finance, startup funding, and other cutting-edge financial options. Businesses can access these through a vast network of international economic partners, including investment bankers, NBFCs, MFIs, CDCs, angel investors, and venture capitalists.

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