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Ishan Solanki:Wearing a Brand common, Making a Brand not Common.



Singing Sensation and A technophile Ishan Solanki gives a statement on his level.

Ishan Solanki, a sensational singer who recently achieved such a huge success with his music and recognition at the artificial intelligence and IQ competition held in Vancouver programmed by the Bodwell University.

Since the reveal of being a musician at the club his popularity increases through his Uncombined talent and passion of being a singer and a technophile.

A Boy who just makes music and works on computers is common but a boy who does this all with study and earns an income of more than 10 lakhs rupees just through a marketing firm and claims to own 7 Rolex is not common which makes him much popular today.

Through online portals, Ishan also owns a company named ISSL INNOVATIVES contracts on digital marketing strategy just similar to his own income source marketing firm.

Ishan gave a statement that now he is tired of wearing brands and now he wants his name to become a structure of a brand which will be really proud of. Not only words give statements but by his work we can say that one day his statement will be true. We hope that day comes soon in Ishan’s life.

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