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Jitender Singh Noul (Jatin Noul) is back with a hit short film which delivers a beautiful message to all the viewers out there!



Short films are the new trend these days. Short duration films are loved by everyone, since the story delivers an important message or completes the plot without including extra nuisance. For the film to be popular, being able to successfully create an impact in the viewers mind is important. If the story makes a strong impact, short duration does not really matter anymore. All that matters is the essence of the plot and the staging of the characters portraying the story in the most perfect manner.

As an aspiring film maker, Jatin or Jitender Singh Noul has already established a remarkable place in the industry. With his exceptional short films, he always manages to put a message that seems to touch the heart of the viewers in the most touching manner. Well, for his very recent endeavors, he is going to direct a hindi short film with a beautiful message of love that is eternal. A story that does not need them to be together all the time, for their love is so great, it knows no bounds. Even death cannot separate the lovers, rather the lovers stay together or are separated by the forces of nature, their love remains spiritual and great.

For this short film, Humsafar Forever, the Cast includes Nasir Abdullah, Neha, Pankaj Arora, Tushar, Satpal, Pooja Bhasin and many wonderful and excellent actors. Bringing up the story in the most unique and beautiful way, this short film is produced by Pankaj Arora and Jatin Noul, production of the film was done by Jassi Singh from Devil Productions while the story, screenplay and dialogues part was contributed by Himanshu Jain, with the support of the excellent DOP Mohit Kushwaha, and Jatin Noul as the director of the film. The film is presented by the Kup Of Films. And Makeup was by Annay Manhas

As for Jatin Noul, he stepped into the industry as a fashion photographer and is currently building his career as a professional Film and Ad-film director, DOP and Director. Although he is an aspiring film maker, he has already left remarkable impression on his audience after producing and directing “Filmi Sitaara”, “Kamra 203”, “Marnaa mana hai” and “Credit Game”. He is also an excellent actor. Presenting his acting skills in the most beautiful manner, he has worked as an actor for “Jindraa”, “Saun mitti di” and “The last layer”. And now, he is back with another impressive short film for all his fans. A beautiful love story holding a deep message, look out for “Humsafar Forever”. You will surely love it.

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