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The idea of creating an online jewellery store came to Kuunal Saraff when he wanted to buy a pair of earrings to gift, but encountered rough attitudes from the existing online sellers. He wanted to switch options, but to his surprise there weren’t many who were offering good quality real looking jewellery!

He went ahead to research about the whole thing and how it really worked by getting in touch with relevant suppliers and merely started up with an Instagram page and Rs. 5000/- sometime in late 2018’s. His research led him to various people in various cities selling jewellery, but it was really hard to distinguish between the good quality dealers and the bad ones. After months of research and zeroing on a few, he started the work online!

This Instagram page- @sav_jewels, has over 60,000 followers from people all over the world. Sav Jewels has clients from over 15+ countries served over 3000+ clients!

They have opened up their own website – last year and have enabled international payments too! They offer return and COD policy in high end jewellery, which is not a very common factor in this league!

They are pioneers in western baroque jewellery and also customize single pieces of jewellery for clients as per request and design! They serve the elite clientele and customize in silver and swarovski too!

The major exports happen to USA, Singapore, Australia, Canada, and UAE Zones! SAV Jewels is one of the promising, growing e-commerce startup in green figures which has survived two lockdowns and yet manages thrive and serve. They have introduced gift branded boxes packing to clients unlike the plastic ones used by majority in the business.

When asked about what really differentiates them from their competitors, they said its mainly their honesty and service which is different from others! They don’t come out in the open and claim to take returns, but, whenever a client gets to them with a genuine issue, they solve it irrespective of the policy because as per them they don’t deliver jewellery, they deliver satisfaction! And if that’s not achieved, they call it a failure!

Asked about the plans to expand, he says, they are collaborating often, with influencer, which is a very costly option, apart from which, they intend to increase better traffic to their website! Apart from which, just being into retailing, they are also making their own designs and supplying to whole sellers, which increases an avenue for revenues!

When asked what SAV really meant? Kuunal says, it has a backstory, but the meaning he can share is- service above everything! That’s what it means in French (Service- après-vente)!

About the Founder- Kuunal Saraff, aka, K Saraff, is a national award winner for his service to society for running a youth organization for blood donation! He is the author of – “How an iPhone Made Me the Youngest Billionaire”, which is based on entrepreneurship, self-help genre! He loves reading books on spirituality and non-fiction mainly and is a strong advocate of the same!

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