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Journey Of A 20 years Young boy Making Revolution In Online Market – Yogesh Paliwal.



“The secret of getting ahead is getting started.”
The above line is quoted by a famous man “ MARK TWAIN ”. Says that if we want to go ahead in our life then we have to start doing something. Without doing something we can’t go ahead.

So this is a story of a 20 year young boy from lohara which is the small village of Jalgaon district.

One day, Yogesh was seating in his college class room & he was thinking about his 12th result. And he thought that what if I fail in 12th? What I’ll do in my future? What my parents thinks about me? And so on…. . Suddenly he realised that he is not even good in studies.

And! Guess what? His 12th result came. And he passed in 12th with 46%. Still he was very happy. And then he started thinking about what to do after 12th.

One fine day he & his 2 friends sitting with each other & they were thinking about what to do? And one of his friend give the idea that hotel management is great field . Even we have to study less in it.

And finally they took decision to do hotel management. After one year of completion suddenly lockdown happened on March 2020 & unfortunately they came again to home. With hopeless mind.

After coming home Yogesh got lot of free time to find his skills & strengths. He started meditating, he started learning new skills like graphics designing, video editing, digital marketing, he started learning public confidence skills, he started learning English speaking & all.

He did lot of things to go ahead in his life and after one year he started his own Online marketing agency. And he started building good networks for this. After 1 year in 6 July 2022 he crossed over 26 lakhs of revenue from his agency business. He provide services for digital coaches & startup’s to build strong brand authority & scale their business.

This is how Yogesh became an inspiration for everyone and proved that Sky is the Limit.

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