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Jyotir Anand: Journey of Hope, Struggle and Success



“E-mail marketing is the best and most useful weapon to expand your reach. But this requires proper guidance. As Mails are powerful and can flip the tables, it cannot be taken for granted.” Says Joy Walker.

If you’re an eCommerce owner and running a business and want to generate more revenue or want to grow, or both? We have your answer today— Mailsy Marketing. 

Mailsy Marketing was started by a young, then 18-year-old, Jyotir Anand. He started Mailsy Marketing at a very young age and now aims to reach new heights and is now changing the face of Email Marketing for E-Commerce owners.

 Joy is already following his aim when his peers decide their hobbies and discover their passion. We asked how he planned to start Mailsy, what were his initial thoughts, Joy said, “I always wanted to make money through my laptop. This is how the idea of Email Marketing hit me and then, as a Mailsy Marketing was founded.”

Mailsy Marketing has already helped eCommerce stores generate 30-45% extra revenue through emails, and their stores have multifueled quickly. Maisy has clients that have generated over One Million of revenue just via E-mails. Emails being a digital mode of communication and the only mode of communication between the existing and potential customers, a good strategy help you blow up your engagement and six to seven figures of revenue.

Though the initial phase, the starting journey of Mailsy Marketing wasn’t so smooth, and getting clients was a tough job, but as we grew; our credibility in the market permitted us to expand our client base and, as of date, has generated more than a million sales and helped more than 17 client stores to generate over six figures of revenue for eCommerce stores. Building a huge and satisfied client is an achievement. Let’s see what Mailsy customers have to say.

“They are wonderful. They set me up just in 24 hours. I had more emails going to customers that I hadn’t had!”

Says Selma, owner of Maximum Beauty, USA. 

Mailsy specialises in marketing for eCommerce stores, and Joy says, “It is necessary for any eCommerce store who wish to expand.” Email Marketing helps build brand credibility, converts one-time customers into loyal paid customers, decreases abandon cart rates, etc. Strategies suggested by Mailsy have benefited many clients, and today the Ecommerce store enjoys a status in the market.

Mailsy Marketing which was a lone wolf once now has 9 members with expertise and experience. Mailsy and the team design your email and make it catchy and attractive. They have in-house graphic designers, their copywriters will write great content for your Email, and E-mail automation experts will handle the rest. The services provided by Mailsy of quality monitor the performance and plan the execution, which is highly beneficial. The services that are provided by Mailsy are:

  1. Increase E-mail Capture

E-mail capturing is an important part of email marketing. This helps you build a wider audience. E-mail capturing can change initial visitors into customers. Mailsy, with its expertise, helps you in creating popups that will increase your lead capture rate. Mailsy Marketing has seen as high as a 17% email capture rate.

  1. Email Flows

Email flows are automated emails that are continuous and steady sent on the subscriber’s email. Email flows are really helpful to have a good conversion rate. Mailsy’s on-house copywriters write the best flows so that any email that has been captured is never ignored but is always clicked.

  1. Email Campaign Scheduler

Email Campaigning is a strategy to contact multiple subscribers or visitors at a go. Mailsy creates an email campaign schedule at the start of the month so that the client and everyone are aware of what’s happening this month.

Joy admires every self-made entrepreneur; their story motivates Joy. “Dedication is the only way you can achieve success,” He remarks. Joy’s dedication to online marketing made him what he is today. Before Mailsy, Joy tried seven different online businesses but failed multiple times. There was a time when he made just $100 a year. With his passion and dedication, he has today become a 20-year-old CEO, Joy Walker. 

Email Marketing is crucial for eCommerce platforms. Not only email helps them in gaining customers but also in building brand value. The right agency also impacts your business, contact Mailsy Marketing Service today and book your slot.

You can reach out to Mailsy Marketing via the following links:

Website: Mailsy Marketing – Email Marketing Agency for eCom Stores




Contact: +91 8700448206

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