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“Khush Bhatt envisions a safe digital India, a dream for a secure future.”



While you read this article, how many hackers and scammers are on the net right now trying to pry into your privacy and data? How much money they can make off of your vulnerable security options? The age of the internet has just yet turned its leaf here in India and around the world, you have goons and bad people in every field trying to cheat people out of what is theirs. “We are already going towards Digital India, now let us all make Secure Digital India”, says Khush Bhatt, the COO & co-founder of PSY9 Security Consulting Pvt. Ltd has a dream to make Digital India Safe again. Khush is an ethical hacker who has already done so much good and helped people protect their data. We need more people like him amongst to be able to safely browse the internet.

Ethical hacker is also known as white hat hacker, they are the unsung heroes that help us fight against the hackers that plan and try to steal our data and privacy and hack into our lives. Although there are cyber laws in place, we as a country are still a long way behind on being safe and secure on the internet. It is not new to hear that someone’s social media account got hacked or a close relative got scammed by a lucrative email in their inbox, or even a friend of yours getting tricked by a scam caller on their phone. It is easy to say, that they shouldn’t have fallen for it in the first place but, the truth is we lack education in the sphere of the digital world. We need to educate people about the dangers and perils of the net and teach them how to be secure. Khush Bhatt does just that, he has been affiliated with thousands of universities and colleges in India and has trained roughly about thousand young minds to pursue cyber security as a viable career path. 

Khush was born into a lower-middle-class family where he had to fend for himself from a very early age having lost his father at 2 years of age. He struggled through life and had to do everything from scratch. He was a quick learner but not the conventional type, he never liked learning from books, or reading from them. One day he heard “Hacking can never be learned from the books” and that became his lifelong goal. He was one that believed in practical knowledge rather than book-based knowledge. Whatever he learned he wanted to immediately put it into use in the practical world. He dreamt of a safe digital India, one in which no one will be afraid of getting scammed or hacked into. 

Khush turned his dream into a reality, he is CISA certified and has been associated with the cyber security field for over 6 years now. He has done a phenomenal job in securing enterprises, banks & public sector institutions around the globe. Khush is also what you call a security researcher, he has reported bugs to many firms and organizations, helping them make their interface and platform a better experience for everybody else; Firms like Master card, Harward University, Be Fojji, iRobot, Netgear, Canvas, Pinterest, Unilever, Trip advisor and many more. 

Khush Bhatt has sent waves through the system, achieving feats and milestones at a very young age. He was awarded the ‘Pride of Gujrat’ at just 28 for contributing the most to the cyber-security community. He has done some really meaningful work in the field. He has attended over 100 conferences, volunteered in more than 10 cyber security communities, and guided over 15000 people in cyber security. He is a hero to a multitude of individuals and companies, as he helped them from falling into ruins. He has reported at least 250 vulnerabilities among one being Harvard itself! He protected them from any security breaches and kept them running smoothly. He has also been active in the media front and new channels, addressing the questions of common citizens and helping guide them through hacks and everyday squabbles.

He things main reason for any breach are password and password and even OTP are the weakest links for any fraud, scams or hacks, Attackers are becoming more powerful with their abilities to bypass 2FA and MFA on top of your passwords. In such a world khush belives only thing that can help people, companies and organizations is blockchian based “PasswordLess Authentication” this is the reason he strongly supports and works on products like PUREAUTH which is make in India product. His Company PSY9 is Also making few Tech-Enabled Make in India Products so that organizations like Security Operation Center.

He takes on to pass the torch and has easy-to-learn cyber security courses through which he teaches hundred of minds not only to protect themselves but how to protect others as well. There are a lot of free seminars and conferences that he has taken to guide needy people to be aware of how to save their data and privacy. Khush Bhatt dreams to create a “Cyber Army” for our country, so that when and if a cyber world war occurs India could defend itself. 

So next time you browse the net and come across any scam or hoax, think of all the unsung heroes, the cyber security, and white hackers much like Khush Bhatt who are helping you stay aware and alert from them!

If you want to follow this inspiring man’s story, here are his social media handles:

Twitter – @khushbhatt

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