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KisaanKa: Empowering Farmers with AgriTech Innovation





In an era where technology has revolutionized various industries, one area that remains crucial and close to the heart of every nation is agriculture. Farmers play a pivotal role in ensuring food security and sustainable development. However, they often face challenges ranging from inadequate access to information and resources to marketing and document management issues. Addressing these challenges, KisaanKa, the first-ever AgriTech platform for farmer support, has emerged as a beacon of hope for farmers worldwide. Incubated by the prestigious IIM Calcutta and driven by a passionate team, KisaanKa aims to create a global marketplace that connects farms to homes while facilitating training and innovation in the agricultural sector. With its promising inception, KisaanKa is set to revolutionize the way farmers engage with technology and each other, leading to improved livelihoods and a sustainable agricultural future.

Empowering Farmers through Innovative Solutions

KisaanKa takes pride in being a multilingual platform, making it accessible to farmers from diverse linguistic backgrounds. Language barriers often hinder farmers’ access to crucial information, but KisaanKa has bridged this gap, empowering farmers to engage with its various features easily. One of the platform’s primary purposes is to provide document management support for farmers. As digitalization gains momentum worldwide, the importance of streamlining agricultural documentation cannot be overstated. KisaanKa allows farmers to organize and manage their documents effectively, ensuring easy access to essential records for various purposes like loans, subsidies, and certifications.

Global Reach and Success Stories

The success of KisaanKa’s first phase is evident in the thousands of farmers it has already reached across India, UAE, and Africa. By catering to the unique needs of farmers in different regions, KisaanKa has demonstrated its versatility and potential impact on a global scale. The platform’s expansion into the UAE is particularly noteworthy, as it aligns with the current agricultural policy signed between the UAE and Indian governments. By facilitating farmer training in the UAE, KisaanKa is actively contributing to enhancing agricultural practices and knowledge exchange between nations.

Women Empowerment and North Eastern Recognition

Behind every successful initiative, there is a dedicated team. KisaanKa takes pride in being powered by power women, with Anita from Sikkim being the visionary behind the concept. Her passion for empowering farmers and leveraging technology for their benefit laid the foundation for KisaanKa’s development. Fagun and Shrestha, the driving force behind marketing and collaborations, have been instrumental in propelling the platform to greater heights.

Furthermore, the recognition and support received from prestigious institutions like IIM Calcutta and the North Eastern Entrepreneurship Development Programme (NEEDP), powered by the North Eastern Council, Government of India, have been crucial for KisaanKa’s growth. The endorsement from NEEDP showcases the platform’s potential to positively impact the lives of farmers in the North Eastern region, where agriculture forms a significant part of the economy.

Nominations and Awards

KisaanKa’s innovative and impactful approach has earned it well-deserved accolades. The platform’s nomination at the IOA Awards, UAE, for Best Innovative Green Start-Up in 2024 Dubai, is a testament to its dedication to sustainability and green initiatives in agriculture. This recognition not only celebrates the team’s hard work but also emphasizes the importance of promoting eco-friendly practices in agriculture to ensure a healthier planet for future generations.


KisaanKa’s journey from ideation to development has been nothing short of inspiring. As an AgriTech platform, it aims to empower farmers with easy access to essential resources, knowledge, and document management solutions. By successfully reaching farmers in India, UAE, and Africa, KisaanKa has already made a positive impact on their livelihoods. Its alignment with the UAE-Indian agricultural policy and recognition by esteemed institutions like IIM Calcutta and NEEDP further reinforce its potential to drive positive change in the agricultural sector.

As KisaanKa’s app prepares to go live, it is poised to bring even greater convenience and support to farmers. By leveraging the power of technology, the platform is set to transform agriculture into a more sustainable, efficient, and farmer-centric industry. The journey of KisaanKa is a testament to the boundless possibilities of AgriTech, and it serves as an inspiration to other start-ups and entrepreneurs to create innovative solutions that benefit society and the planet as a whole.

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